Thursday, April 2, 2020

We're Back + Our Plans During this New Normal

You guys, it has been two weeks and one day since my last post here, which is officially the longest I have ever gone without posting in the almost ten year history of the Bubby and Bean blog.  With everything happening right now surrounding Covid-19, I just haven't felt comfortable creating content. I have continued to post on Instagram, but only a few times, and in an admittedly awkward way. Initially I felt weird posting at all, but as I've settled into this new normal (of complete weirdness),  I've started to feel like I can get back to posting again. What that means exactly, I'm honestly not sure. Just as things in our world seem to be completely changing from day to day, my job is as well.

That said, what kind of things are you guys interested in seeing? Do you want more personal content? Do you want recipes or DIY projects you can do at home while quarantined? Do you want homeschool tips? (Kidding on that last one; I'm a terrible teacher as can be seen here.) Feel free to comment below, e-mail me, or DM me on Instagram. (I asked this same questions in Instagram Stories the other day and got over fifty responses, most of which said to continue posting as I regularly do, but to incorporate current times. And that is exactly what I feel most comfortable with myself.)

I want to be transparent in that while I likely won't be posting sponsored content as often as before, I will be easing back into it. I will continue to only work with brands I believe in and truly love, and my #1 priority will be focusing on campaigns that are authentic and sensitive to the times in which we are living. I need to do it though. I have to continue working. This is for my own sanity (I really do love this job), and also to support my family. My husband, who works in the live music industry, is out of work. And my little ones are counting on me right now.

Wherever you are, I hope you are okay. Two days ago was the first time I've really cried since all of this started. I felt a lot better afterward. If you need to talk, I am here.

Stay tuned...



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