Tuesday, July 21, 2020

12 Items to Refresh Your Bedroom For Under $50

12 Items to Refresh Your Bedroom For Under $50
1. Crinkled Cotton Throw, $49.99   |   2. Sandalwood Candle, $17.99   |   3. Gold Waste Paper Basket, $34.99   |   4. Jewelry Box, $39.99   |   5. Large Green Vase, $34.99   |   6. Wooden Frame, $12.99   |   7. Seagrass Straw Basket, $29.99   |   8.  Birch Wood Hanger, $12.99   |   9. Building Facade Print, $12.99   |   10. Glass Tea Light Holder, $2.99   |   11. Round Jute Rug, $24.99   |   12. Wooden Frame Mount, $12.99

I like our bedroom okay. It's fine. Good enough. We left the pale grey paint color it came with when we bought it (the only room in the house we didn't repaint), and the carpet is grey, so, you know, it's a neutral canvas and all that. I've done a few things decor-wise to make it more our style, but the other day I was thinking it could really use a refresh. A complete makeover isn't happening any time soon, but even just adding a couple of the items above might make a big difference. Since they're all cute, and all affordable, I thought I'd share them with you as well. Which one is your favorite?


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  1. So many great picks!

    xx Chelsea


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