Monday, August 3, 2020

Some Thoughts On Back to School

I could honestly write a novel - one that would ultimately confuse you because I'm so back and forth - with my thoughts on returning to school this fall.

At the time of writing this post, my daughter is set to start first grade next week. A couple of weeks ago, I watched a 3.5 hour school board meeting on Zoom where plans were announced for schools in our district.  For elementary school, the choices were either in-person for shortened days, or e-learning by a district teacher who would teach students from different schools in the district all at once. If one were to choose in-person, they could change to e-learning at any time. If they chose e-learning, they had to commit for the entire first semester. We were initially given 6 days to make a decision, but then given a 5 day extension.

I still waited until the last minute to submit our choice, and did so with monumental anxiety. Neither choice sounded appealing in any way. I called every friend I have, sent texts, created polls on my Instagram and on my personal Facebook page. Most people felt as conflicted as I did. Some knew exactly what they wanted to do and were kind and assuring. Others were judgmental and rude. In the end, all I could think was, "what a mess."

My heart hurts for teachers. It hurts for parents and for the kids. Things didn't have to be this way. 

I don't write a lot of posts like this anymore where I just share my personal feelings. But as we prepare to start this strange, somewhat terrifying new school year, I ask my readers to please take this virus seriously. Please wear masks. Please social distance. If we can each do our part to get this under control, maybe our kids will get their lives back. Maybe people like my husband who are out of work because their industries have been put on hold indefinitely can get their jobs back. Maybe schools can go back to being nurturing places for our kids to learn. 

We plan to do everything we can to make this year a positive experience for our kids, but like everyone, we long for things to feel less, well, scary. Whatever your plans for school, I am sending you strength, love, and compassion. We're all doing our best, and I hope we can support one another through this.


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  1. I had been advocating for mask wearing since January! My country was a bit slow on the uptake, but finally issued a mask wearing mandate in March. Kids start school here next week. They and the teachers are required to wear masks during class at all times. I know you will make the right decision for your kids. Sending love.


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