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Gift Ideas For Encouraging Learning and Creativity: Kiwi Co

Gift Ideas For Encouraging Learning and Creativity: Kiwi Co
This post is in partnership with KiwiCo.

I am going to start this out by admitting to you guys that I usually feel irrationally overwhelmed trying to come up with good gift ideas for my kids. Like lie in bed at night stressing out about it overwhelmed. I want to get them age appropriate gifts that are educational and encourage creativity and discovery but that aren't boring for them, and that can seem like a hard ticket. Thankfully, in my search for the best items to put under the tree for them this year, I keep coming back to the same brand again and again, one that has everything I'm looking for: KiwiCo. (Pssst! They have a huge sale going on and everything is 20% off! I'll talk about that more in a minute...

Gift Ideas For Encouraging Learning and Creativity: Kiwi Co

You might have seen my mention of KiwiCo in the kids gift guide I posted last week, but I am such a fan of them (truly, I am), I felt compelled to devote an entire post to them. I partner with a lot of brands I love in an effort to share all of my favorite things with you, but when it comes to my kids, this one tops the list. I know many of you are like me and find it challenging to come up with gifts that your kids will genuinely love and actually use. And that is why I decided to share some of the reasons we are such big KiwiCo fans, and hopefully encourage you to give them a try this holiday season as well!

Gift Ideas For Encouraging Learning and Creativity: Kiwi Co
Gift Ideas For Encouraging Learning and Creativity: Kiwi Co

Maybe you're already familiar with KiwiCo and their super cool (as my son calls it) monthly subscription service, which delivers incredible hands-on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) projects each month. Well now you can also shop single crates from KiwiCo's Store, with no subscription required! Having the option for either (we love both) is just one of the many things I like about them. You can try a crate before you commit to a subscription, supplement a subscription, or just order the individual crates without a commitment

What really sets KiwiCo apart for me is that they solve the dilemma of finding toys and projects for kids that satisfy their need for fun while also encouraging them to learn and grow their creative minds. Each crate comes with materials for a cool hands-on activity along with a booklet with illustrated instructions that are kid-friendly. It also includes additional DIY projects that allow the fun to be extended after the initial project is complete. KiwiCo also offers specific crates for different ages (from toddler to teen and beyond), and their site makes it easy to choose the perfect crate based on age and category. So whether your little one is just a babe, a high school student, or anywhere in between, KiwiCo has a gift to engage them in serious fun while growing their brains. And in addition to the crates, you can shop Store exclusives, from party packs to chemistry sets to cool seasonal holiday projects (like the Chemistry Tree below; a current favorite with my kids!).

KiwiCo Chemistry Tree
KiwiCo Window Garden Crate

Another thing I love about KiwiCo is that you don't have to invest all of your gift budget into one thing, which I find can sometimes be the case with STEAM focused gifts. They offer items for every budget, starting at just $9.95(My kids have been loving their KiwiCo Window Garden, which is only $14.95!) 

I was able to find stocking stuffers for my babes as well as large presents for under the tree.

KiwiCo Window Garden
KiwiCo Bath Bombs

KiwiCo projects also make absolutely wonderful gifts that your kids can make for friends and family. My little makers created Planet Bath Bombs the other day that they'll be giving their grandmother for Christmas. We made them together as a family, and my daughter has been talking about how fun it was ever since. It's a really great feeling to know that we'll always have that special memory, and I know their grandma will be absolutely thrilled to receive such a special handmade gift that she can actually use and enjoy. My daughter and I are also looking forward to making the Punch-Needle Pillow together as a gift for their aunt. 

KiwiCo Punch Needle Pillow Crate
KiwiCo Holiday Gifts

I also want to point out that the quality of
KiwiCo projects is unsurpassed. I know I'm not the only one who has purchased an activity kit for my kids and been disappointed as I watched the finish product break or fall apart soon after. KiwiCo's projects are created by a team of in-house product designers in their Mountain View, CA headquarters. And most importantly, all of them are rigorously tested by actual kids. My four year old plays with the Basketball Catapult over and over and it’s still in great shape. That is the true test of quality in my eyes!

Supporting a company that truly cares about kids and makes products that inspire young innovators and critical thinkers makes me feel good, like maybe I'm doing something right as a parent. (And let's face it, we all spend too much time thinking about the ways we're messing up.) I can't wait for my kids to give away the KiwiCo projects they've been making as gifts this year, and I'm equally excited to see their faces as they open up the KiwiCo crates I'll be giving them on Christmas morning. 

Gifts That Encourage Learning and Creativity: KiwiCo
KiwiCo Bath Bombs
Gifts That Encourage Learning and Creativity: KiwiCo

If all this gushing about my love for KiwiCo hasn't convinced you to give them a try, maybe the incredible sale they have going on right now will. Just click here for 20% off absolutely everything on their site. Wooohoo!

Happy holidays, friends. Here's to giving fun, exciting gifts that inspire innovators and encourage learning and creativity! 



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