Tuesday, January 26, 2021

9 Cute Mugs Under $10

9 Cute Mugs Under $9
1. Pink Porcelain Mug ($5.99)   |   2. White and Beige Ceramic Mug ($9.99)   |   3. Painted Porcelain Mug ($5.99)   |   4. Rainbow Mug ($5.99)   |   5. Teal and Gold Mug ($5.99)   |   6. Blue Ceramic Mug ($6.99)   |   7.  Gold and Yellow Striped Mug ($5.99)   |   8. Charcoal Mug ($3.49)   |  Beige Ceramic Mug ($6.99)

It's a post about mugs, guys. Really though, who doesn't like a good mug? I feel like I drink more coffee than ever during the winter months, and perhaps all that coffee drinking in the same old boring mugs lit a fire under me because I went on a good old fashioned mug hunt and snagged three of the goodies you see above. It made made irrationally happy too. For these prices, why not? Happy coffee (or tea, or whiskey, whatever) drinking, friends. 


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  1. These are all so cute! Thanks for sharing!

    xx Chelsea


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