Wednesday, March 17, 2021

8 Ways to Celebrate St. Patricks Day at Home

How to Celebrate St. Patricks at Home

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here's a funny story... When I was a kid growing up in Chicagoland, I felt like I was the only person I knew who wasn't Irish. St. Patrick's Day celebrations are a big deal in this area, and I always felt a little left out. Many years later, after my grandmother passed away, we discovered that we are not only Irish, but very Irish. Clearly that meant I had to make up for last time, so I've been overdoing St. Paddy's Day ever since. (I will say that the whole leprechauns visit seems to me a new thing for my kids' generation. They certainly never visited our house when I was a child.)

We woke up this morning to coins hidden all over our house and boxes of Lucky Charms cereal (a big treat around here), but the overachiever in me wanted to, of course, do more. The parade was (understandably) canceled this year, but we're not letting that ruin our good time. (And they did dye the Chicago River green, which is so much fun to see.) Below are some easy ideas to make this day extra festive at home.

1. Wear green.

2. Whip up an authentic Irish meal.
I love me some vegetarian shephard's pie. (Any sort of plant-based ground beef works great!)

3. Make a leprechaun trap.
This is technically something you want to do the night before, but there is no reason they can't visit today instead!

4. Make St. Patrick's Day crafts.
This year, we made shamrocks, leprechaun faces, and green necklaces. It doesn't have to be fancy. I am not a Pinterest level crafter, but my kids don't care.

5. Make your food and drink green.
A little green food coloring goes a long way. Also, green beer is fun.

6. Look for 4 leaf clovers in your yard.
There is still snow on the ground here, but those of you closer to the equator or in the southern hemisphere might get lucky!

7. Read St. Patrick's Day themed books.
We have more of them (and every holiday themed book) than I should probably admit. 

8. Make an at home, healthier version of a Shamrock Shake.
We blend Greek yogurt, spinach leaves, avocado, mint leaves, ice, and honey in a blender. It's more of a Shamrock Smoothie. But it's delicious!

May the wind be always at your back!



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