Tuesday, April 12, 2022

8 Last Minute Easter Basket Fillers

Last-Minute Easter Basket Filler Ideas

When it comes to holidays, I'm pretty good at getting things together along the way - but with minimal organization. That means that a few days before when I finally put it all together, I'm guaranteed to be missing something.

I created this list of last minute Easter Basket ideas a few years ago and had to revisit it upon realizing that I needed some fillers. I hope it's as helpful to you as it was to me!

1. Eco-Friendly Easter Grass Plastic Easter grass stays in landfills for a long time, but it's easter to find the paper version. I like this one.  

2. Books This is another item you can grab last minute almost anywhere (even grocery stores have kids' books these days). Spring-themed books are fun for Easter and get kids excited about spring and summer.

3. Movies I used to use DVDs, but now I just print out a picture of the movie and put them in their baskets with an instant download code.

4.  Stickers Even at ages 6 and 8, my kids still love stickers. 

5. Bubbles This is another favorite with my kids, and has been since they were babies. Who doesn't love bubbles in the springtime?

6. Sunglasses Sunglasses are a springtime staple, especially in places like here where we have long, gray winters. Kids's sunnies are easy to find too.

7. Money My kids love the idea of saving money in their piggy banks, and when they get a dollar, they are beyond stoked. I usually roll up a five dollar bill and tie it with ribbon for their baskets. 

8. Fruit Trust me, my kids get plenty of candy on Easter. But I like to throw in an apple or banana, if nothing more than a reminder that balance is key!


Happy Easter basket packing!

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