Tuesday, May 17, 2022

5 Tips To Prepare for Patio Season

Patio season is my favorite season! I love the act of cleaning and planting to get ours ready for summertime. Here are five tips for getting your patio prepared. 

1. Deep clean the foundation.
Most patio spaces, ours included, look pretty rough after a long winter. The very first thing I do is sweep as much dirt as possible off of the patio itself then use an eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner and scrub brush to deep clean.

2. Wash cushions.
We store our patio cushions and pillows in an outdoor storage box, but they're still pretty dingy when I pull them out in the spring. I remove any covers and wash them in the washing machine, and for the fabrics that can't be washed, I wipe down with a damp cloth.  

6 Tips For Getting Your Patio Summer-Ready

3. Plant
This is my favorite part! I love planting flowers, herbs and veggies in planters through the patio. It brings everything to life!  

4. Clean furniture.
First I hose off the patio furniture, then I use a cloth and multi-purpose cleaner to wipe down anything that was missed.

5. Make it cozy.
Once everything is clean, I put down rugs and add accent pillows so it feels like an indoor space, outdoors!

6 Tips For Getting Your Patio Summer-Ready

I hope you enjoy your outdoor space this summer as much as I know I will. I would live out there if I could!



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