Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Our Iceland Trip

The Blue Lagoon

I will admit that as Instagram (find us there) and TikTok (yep, I'm now there too) take over (or more accurately, have been taking over, for years) blogs, I only rarely share pieces of my personal life here anymore. The blog these days seems to be more of a place for me to share recipes or home projects or other content that will be of use to others, rather than glimpses into my experiences.

Reykjavik rainbow road
Rekjavik buildings
Reykjavik church

That said, I felt compelled to share some images from our trip to Iceland. This was way back in March, and since we've been on other trips (Disney, Clearwater Beach, various road trips), but Iceland was just so unique. The band my husband works for played there, and it was delayed two years because of the pandemic, which ultimately made it even more special. It was also the longest my husband and I have ever been away together without our kids. I missed them a lot, but it was so good for all of us. 

Reykjavik shops
Reykjavik music venue
The Blue Lagoon
Reykjavik architecture

We didn't get to see or do much outside of Reykjavik. It rained almost the entire time and we didn't have a personal vehicle to explore. But I still felt satisfied. The city is really incredible - full of color, progressive, safe, and easy to navigate. I liked everything I ate and drink and saw. We also got to go to the Blue Lagoon, which was magical and a bucket list adventure.

I'd love to make it back and explore the country more, hopefully in the summertime. 



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