Tuesday, December 7, 2010

christmas dream wish list, part 1

I should start off by saying that in my family, we are very low-key about holiday gifts. We focus on small and simple, and encourage making things for each other. But what if being all grown up didn't matter, and all we had to do was write up our dream wish lists on pretty little pieces of paper, pop them in envelopes addressed to the North Pole, and wake up Christmas morning to magical heaps of all our most coveted goodies under the tree?

A girl can dream, so here it is:
My Official Amazing Christmas Dream Wish List, Part I

Vintage 1920 green faux bois typewriter. $195
Pretty 1950s vintage yellow shirt dress. $125
Left: Floral measuring cup set. Anthropologie $28  
Right: Photobooth Dogs, by The Bark's Cameron Woo. $10-$15
Left: Adorable Nesting Doll Set by Hach. $30
Right: Sunshine yellow vintage Pyrex bowl set. $120

And the dream continues... 
Check back tomorrow for Part II!



  1. sara @ the happy honeybeeDecember 07, 2010 10:36 PM

    Ooooo i love those measuring cups! great list! looking forward to part 2!

  2. Now THIS is what I call a gift guide... Finally, someone posting about really unique stuff... And giving a shout-out to Etsy artists too instead of just the big mass produced stores that try with all their might to appear indie/hipster... Thank you!


  3. I'm blown away by your way to create.. it's like magic.. Stuff is really cool, I love those cups... Happy x-MESS Missy... amazed by your imaginations..keep on reaching for the stars...

  4. those measuring cups are official on my list-- sooo dainty and fabulous


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