Tuesday, December 7, 2010

new year's dress dreaming

Is it too early to be thinking about New Year's Eve?  This little snapshot is of the boyfriend and I side stage at his band's NYE show, right after the big countdown.  The dress I'm wearing was a birthday gift (I'm a good old fashioned New Year's baby!) from a friend who decided it was just the right blend of flapper and 1960s mod to be the perfect Melissa dress, and she was right!  It was tiers of  pale, pale pink pleated chiffon, and I adored it.  I'm try to decide if I'll have time to make something this year (and leaning toward the realistic decision of "highly doubtful") or going for a vintage piece.  I'm imagining a 1950s shift or something a little more 20s that's short, simple and swing-y.  If you have any ideas, please post!

COMING THIS WEEK:  my Christmas wish list, holiday decor madness, DIY holiday goodness, and oh-so-much more.  Stay tuned...



  1. GORGEOUS photograph! Gorgeous dress too! I also love that Daniel Johnston shirt. There are some great vintage dresses on Etsy that I've been adding to my xmas wish list for new years ever. I'll post links tomorrow.

    I really love this blog. So glad I came across it. Love your artwork too.

    Austin, TX


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