Friday, February 4, 2011

Project 365: Week 4

Our Project 365 Photos, Week 4
The winter madness that has enveloped Chicago - and subsequent internet outages - has delayed the uploading of our Project 365 photos this week,  but so far, we've still taken a photograph every single day in 2011!  (See Project 365: Week 1 for some background on the project and our personal goals for the year).

The collection above is from week 4, and consists of an interesting mixture of images: the end of our Mexico trip, pictures I've snapped around the house and studio, and photos taken by my fiance (who is currently on tour with his band and doing his best to email me lovely photographs from the road).

Who else is participating in Project 365 or a similar photo-journaling project?  I've loved seeing the links you've all posted in the previous weeks!


P.S. 3 days left to enter the Winter Wall Makeover Art Giveaway for a chance to win 4 gorgeous new pieces of art from independent artists!


  1. I love this idea! Your pictures are all amazing. What an exciting life you have!

  2. what a great project! your images are lovely.

  3. ahhhh, i love looking at your photos, oh multi-talented one. i'm sad to confess that i gave up on project365 last week because i suck and couldn't keep up! i'm aiming for one a week now.

    haley p.

  4. hi there! your newest follower (found you via simply stacie's bloghop)! Love your blog, it appears we have a lot in common, namely passion for photography and travel! Love the 365 project and the treatments you've given your photos, great eye!

    Please stop by my blog and become a follower, I am currently hosting a fabulous giveaway to celebrate our first year anniversary! Fine Art Photography prints taken personally by me in all parts of the Globe.

    C'est La Vie First Year Anniversary Giveaway

  5. Wow, that flower picture is AMAZING! I entered the winter wall makeover earlier today and am crossing my fingers!! I would loooooove that grass wetlands photo. I'd love all of the prizes!


    P.S. Your blog is gorgeous.


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