Sunday, February 6, 2011

Style + the Superbowl

I guess I should start this out by admitting that I don't like football.  I'm just not a sports girl.  I did watch the Bears in the playoffs a few weeks back, but I was in Mexico with a bunch of Bear fans, and I'm from Chicago.  It made sense. (Plus, there was beer).

football cake pops, love & butter
My fiance and many of my friends, however, love football, and watching the Superbowl is a yearly tradition.  For those of you out there like me who are all-art-no-sports, you can still find ways to enjoy Superbowl Sunday.  Whether you're throwing a party, attending one, or just watching from home, may these lovely photos serve as inspiration for incorporating style and design into the big game day.
pretty superbowl party ideas, country living
lovely game day goodies, kara's party ideas
game day mac and cheese bites, the white library
football whoopie pies, make merry events
Whatever you're doing today, football or otherwise, I hope your Sunday is full of fun and pretty things.

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  1. This is the best super bowl post I have ever read (:. Thank you for thinking of those of us who aren't big sports fans but still want to have fun today!


  2. Oh i loved the black eyed pea during the break !!!
    Love your ideas ! I just came back from San Fransisco and asked my, do you have snacks for the game? He am like...What would they do without me ? LOL
    LOVE your blog and following back !
    Gros bisous

  3. Wow. Somedays I ever wonder if I will be the super wife or mom who pulls off such creativity! I mean really. I don't know if I could let guests eat them because I would be so impressed with myself and the work of art I created.

    Look, no touch.

    SO fun!

  4. You guys are awesome. Thanks for the sweet comments! I didn't get quite this creative during the Super Bowl, but I did enjoy looking at all of the lovely photos during the game ;).



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