Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We Have a Winner!

Many thanks to all of you who participated in our Wall Makeover Art Giveaway for the four pieces of lovely art you see above from Bubby and Bean Art, TriPP, and RHW Photography!  I really enjoyed reading everyone's entries and look forward to offering another giveaway in a few weeks. We actually had a lot of fun printing out all the entries on scratch paper, cutting them out, and pulling the winner from our giveaway drawing machine (aka my favorite vintage hat box). And the entry that was pulled was...

Ashley Paul!

Ashley is one of our Bloglovin' followers, and said that her favorite colors are purple and green.  She also said: "The grass and the 'you are my very favorite person' would look great on my very empty wall. :)."  Ashley, it looks like your wall will be getting just the makeover it needs!  Congratulations!  Please contact bubbyandbean (AT) gmail.com with your mailing address.

And for those who didn't win (this time!), don't be too sad.  There's another amazing giveaway in the works, so stay tuned...  


The Art of Tripp, RHW Photography, and B&B Art


  1. Ahhh congrats ashley! I'm so jealous! Crossing my fingers for next time.

    (: Jess

  2. Congrats Ashley! Awesome giveaway bubby and bean. I will try again in the next one.

  3. OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!! This is so cool, thank you so much. I just got the email like 2 seconds ago, good thing I refrest my email 5 times before I log out hahaha. :)

    Thank you again,
    (I'll go email my shipping info now)!


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