Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weather Report: Cozy Inspiration

Are you being pummeled by a (growing) blanket of heavy snow, chilling ice, and freezing high winds like we are here in Chicago?  If so, here's a little cozy inspiration for you.

Images, from top: 1. Cozy fireplace ( House Beautiful), 2. Cozy hot cocoa (thekitchn.com), 3. Cozy chunky knit sweaters (Donna Karan and Marc Jacobs), 4. Cozy fingerless mittens (Magenta Sky Studio).

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for our Giveaway, featuring a special package of amazing goodies!

(*I'm watching the snow pile up outside my studio window, so I feel the need to state that in case of power outage, the giveaway would be postponed to Thursday.  Keep your pretty little fingers crossed!)

Stay warm!


  1. Ahhhh, thank you!!! It is miserable here in Indianapolis!!! :(


  2. I'm in Chicago too and have never seen anything like this. My apartment is so cold. These pictures are warming me up though!

  3. Four feet here in western MA and we couldn't be happier, giggles, xo


  4. I could use that chunky Donna Karan sweater right now, it's freezing in Brooklyn!


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