Thursday, February 24, 2011

whole lotta love

Now that the fiance has a week-long break amidst the band's two month winter tour, weddings have once again entered my daily thought train.  We're both so busy with work that I think we actually forget that we're getting married (this year!) until someone reminds us.  We still haven't set a firm date, but we're slowly progressing in terms of jotting down ideas and collecting random bits of inspiration, like the pretty photos above. 

Those of you who are planning weddings or already married, please continue to share your photos, inspirations, most beloved wedding websites, etc!  (Feel free to contact me directly or post links in the comment section).


P.S. We finally got my engagement ring back from the jeweler and it's perfect.  We took my grandmother's gorgeous art deco 1930's engagement ring and had a fully restored mold made of it, then had a new ring made from the mold with recycled platinum.  It's an exact replica, so it's incredibly meaningful and has such a lovely story.  And the diamonds are from 1900!  Anyone want to see a picture?

Image sources from top: here, here, here, here, and here.


  1. Oh my gosh these images are sooooo pretty! That balloon one is just amazing. Swoon!

    (: Jess

  2. gorgeous collection of photos - so inspiring. and yes PLEASE post a picture of your ring!!!

  3. p.s.
    YES YES YES post a photo of your engagement ring asap!!! (: (: (:

  4. I would love to see a picture! Please, please post a photo!
    (As a fellow engaged woman, I have to commiserate. Wedding planning is fun but so time-consuming and so many other fun things are going on... Sigh... All I have to say is, I am so glad we have less than a hundred days to go! When's your beautiful day?)

  5. Congratulations on your engagement! I've been married for 14 years and although I loved my wedding, I'm having so much fun helping my friends plan theirs. Please do post a photo of your ring- that style is one of my favorites!

  6. Check out Beautiful vintage, artsy, unique wedding inspiration. :o)

  7. I love looking at your wedding inspiration photos, they're exactly what I'd choose as well! And yes, PLEASE, let's see that gorgeous vintage ring!!!


  8. I'm not engaged, but my dream ring is a restored version of my grandmother's ring from the '40s. So yes, pretty please post of shot of yours! It sounds absolutely divine.



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