Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Morning Daydreams

1. Gorgeous photo of Milla Jovovich by Carter Smith for Vogue UK   2. Lovely red dress and apron, Anthropologie  3. Vintage Vogue cover, August 1956  4. Margot shoes in red, Swedish Hasbeens
5. Red heart ukulele, Celentano Woodworks

If I had to choose one favorite color, I'd choose yellow.  Yep, yellow.  Yellow reminds me of sunshine, and flowers, and summer, and happy things.  But if I was able to pick one other favorite, it would be red.  Because sometimes a girl just feels a little fiery. 

I think this weekend is going to be a red one, fueled by these photos and daydreams of brilliant, blazing red goodness.  I hope they bring some inspiration to your weekend too!


P.S. I met Milla Jovovich once, years ago at a thrift store in Madison, WI.  She was super cool, and really, really pretty.

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  1. I love that swimsuit--it's pretty amazing. And way to meet a celebrity . . . that's cool!

  2. I love red!!! Those Swedish Hasbeens shoes are to die for!!!! Saturday Morning Daydreams is my favorite part of waking up on Saturdays (:


  3. Celentano Woodworks has the most awesome ukuleles ever! Have you seen the snail one? I blogged about it a while back-I want to learn to play just so I can have that one and play it :)

  4. Red is my favorite color! I adore Milla's bathing suit and those shoes!


    p.s. I just found your blog and am officially smitten!!!

  5. I LOVE this inspiration
    I hardly ever wear red because I'm a redhead, but I know what you mean, sometimes I just feel the need for a pop of red.
    p.s. I started following you a little bit ago, found you on the etsy blog team and your blog is to die for!

  6. I love read, vibrant red, cherry red, any kind of red! Those shoes are amazing and thank you for this inspiring post!


  7. oooo that guitar! have u seen the april 2011 red issue of Lucky with zooey deschanel on the cover?

  8. red and vintage! i love the shoes...i was totally thinking that i want a red pair of shoes and those look perfect!

  9. Gosh, those shoes are absolutely perfect. Great blog! I found you via EBT. :)


  10. Thank you all so much for the comments! Your feedback is so appreciated. :)

    Teddi, I have seen it. Red + Zooey = amazing.

    Mindi, I saw the snail one on Etsy when I discovered this gorgeous ukulele. Love it!


  11. Ahhh I love Anthropologie! Wish it wasn't so expensive!!!

  12. Stunning!
    Great collection of images.
    Love them all!!


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