Monday, March 7, 2011

Hitched (A Double Feature!)

Happy Monday!  This wedding-themed post is a double feature, beloved readers.  It's been a couple of weeks since my last wedding update, but I've been continuing to collect pieces of inspiration on a daily basis, and wanted to share some of my favorites with you.  I also decided I'd get a little personal this time around, and share some thoughts on my experience of planning a wedding with a slight hitch (pun fully intended).

For part one, let's get right to the good stuff:
pretty, inspiring wedding images.

Gorgeous camp-style wedding (source)
Lemonade/ice tea stand on a vintage dresser = brilliant. (source)
I absolutely love this nature-inspired decor. (source)
I adore these pretty wedding pies and glass plates! (source)
Could this bicycle shot be any sweeter? (source)

And now... the "hitch."

I have to admit, it's slightly challenging to make wedding plans when your fiance leaves for a two month tour just two weeks after you get engaged.  It's also slightly challenging to work these plans around the schedule of a band that tours half the year.  Have any of you seen that reality show, Married to Rock?  I happened to catch it one night, and while our life is definitely not that - ahem - interesting, I sometimes consider starting another blog about the lifestyle that accompanies being the significant other of someone whose job is to travel the world with a rock n' roll band.  It's a very unique way to live, that's for sure.  Don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining.  If Robbie can put up with a crazy colorful fashion designer/artist/blogger with workaholic tendencies, I can certainly put up with his occupation, and I'm grateful that we were both able to find people to love who are encouraging of each others unique careers.  But it does add some minor obstacles to something that requires major planning (like a wedding).

Thankfully, in two weeks, he'll be back home for an entire month, and I can't wait to take all of these images and ideas we've been collecting and put them together to create something concrete.  Once we can do that, I'll be sure to post more frequent updates.  I feel lucky to be able to share such a special time in my life with my wonderful readers!  

Those of you who are planning weddings or already married, please continue to share your inspirations and favorite wedding sites.  I'd love to do a few posts about weddings and/or wedding plans of Bubby & Bean readers, so please feel free to contact me if you're interested in being featured!

P.S. The top photo is from San Francisco last summer when I flew out to see the band play.  The bottom photo of me holding the guitar backstage is from Colorado a few years ago, on another band trip.  Did I mention I got to go to Australia with them last year? My point is that although it's not an easy lifestyle, there are some definite perks!


  1. I love the photo with the Golden Gate bridge in the background. When we did out engagement photos, I made sure we had some photos with my very favorite landmark!
    I'm getting married in May which is why I love peeking in and taking a look at other people's inspiration. Unfortunately, planner that I am, I collected all of inspiration bits months ago but didn't properly mark them so now I can't post them bec I can't give them proper credit! I'll just have to sigh and swoon over yours.
    At the very least, do you have an idea of the guest list size? Venue?
    Good luck with the planning!
    xx Gabriella

  2. I can't even imagine how hard it must be to have your sweetheart gone so often, much less to have to plan a wedding around a band's schedule!!! Even with the perks it seems like it would be a lot of stress especially when you own two businesses and blog full time! I love that you're collecting pictures to inspire you and bet you'll get a lot accomplished when your fiance is home for a while! (: These pics are soooooo pretty too. I love the pies!


  3. Oh and PS that pic of you with the guitar is adorable! You had blonde hair!

  4. I love all those photos, especially the one with the shadow of a couple in the tent. Beautiful! Good luck on your planning I can imagine it must be a challenge trying to do it solo! You blog is lovely btw :)

    -Brittany, your new follower from EBT!

  5. Hello....I am a new follower from Etsy and I just love your blog. Here is mine if you want to check it out....

    I loved planning my wedding and now I am just waiting for my BFF to get engaged so I can start helping her. I love all your inspirations, I can't wait to follow you along your wedding planning adventures.

  6. Weddings are so great, I got married very young and my fiance (now wife) did the majority of the planning. if those pictures are the look and feel that you are going for, then I am sure it is going to look amazing.

  7. I can tell I'm going to be totally blog-stalking you. I'm planning a semi-elopement in San Francisco in November, so I instantly was mesmerized with the Golden Gate Bridge pic. :)

    Found you on EBT through Brittany's post. Visit me too if you like.

  8. I love the vintage dresser lemonade/tea table. Brilliant! There are some great photos of great ideas here. You should have an amazing wedding!

  9. Thanks so much for the comments everyone! I love reading your thoughts about wedding planning... Our plans are so up in the air right now and input is very much appreciated!


  10. Excellent shared post with inspiring and impressive ideas. Keep up this fabulous work going on!


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