Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I adore shift dresses.  I love the clean/simple lines, the understated elegance, the '60s mod silhouette... 
And lucky for me, the shift is everywhere this spring.

1. Johann Earl Colourblock Shift Dress, available at Asos.
2. The Gin Fizz Shift Dress, available at BHLDN.
3. The Edie Shift Dress, available at Mountains of the Moon.
4. Suzi Chin Maggy Lace Shift Dress, available at Nordstrom.

I'm even considering reworking my mom's late '60s shift-style wedding dress for my own wedding.  LOVE them.


  1. i love shift dresses too! i like how the wider shape on top balances out the shortness. I am not a fan of tight and short, but loose and short is perfect :)

  2. I have the Edie Shift in #3 in brown and love it! Shift dresses are so flattering on curvy girls too :-)

  3. so pretty! i especially like the first one... very subtle and ladylike but modern at the same time.

    and congrats on your upcoming wedding! i absolutely love the idea of re-designing your mom's dress.


  4. they are classically beautiful, and i too am a huge fan!

  5. I've never worn a shift - maybe when I lose some weight :)

  6. These might just be the 4 prettiest shift dresses I've ever seen. I've been on the look-out for a shift for my cousin's wedding in May. Definitely going to check these out, they're beautiful.



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