Thursday, March 31, 2011

Very Pinteresting

I've developed quite an addiction over the last few months to Pinterest.  What started out as a small group of "pinners" has quickly become a community of design, art, fashion and all-things-pretty enthusiasts, and it's been a really cool experience to watch it grow.  If you're not yet familiar with Pinterest, you can read more about it here, but it's basically a virtual bulletin board of goodness where you can do fun things like re-pin, follow, and/or get sucked in for hours of image-geek fun, like I tend to do.  (I'm starting to think I may need a 'pintervention').  Whether you're a blogger, artist, designer, or all-around lover of visual loveliness, Pinterest is one of the best go-to places for instant inspiration.

The images above are some of my recent Pinterest favorites.  You can check out more of my pins and boards right HERE.

1. Open + Rustic Room (My Pin/1st Pinned/taken from Style Files)
2. Springtime Flowers (My Pin /1st Pinned/taken from WeHeartIt)
3. Katie Armour (My Pin/1st Pinned/taken from Neotraditionalist)
4. Scrap Wood Wall (My Pin/1st Pinned/taken from Vosges Paris)
5. Love to Cook with Wine (My Pin/1st Pinned/taken from So Mee...)
6. Sweet + Sleepy Dog (My Pin/1st Pinned/taken from Kika Reichert)

Have a beautiful Thursday, darlings.


  1. i love LOVE love pinterest! your right it is addicting! it's like they took all the pretty things on the internet and put them in one easy to find place. also i like how you sourced your images, i really don't know the appropriate way to do that just yet!

  2. I'm personally scared to "cross over" to the dark side - Eeee so tempting! You might have just pushed me over the edge :-)

  3. These are great images. I haven't started doing Pinterest myself because I think I also would get "sucked in" and never leave the computer! I do like to browse others peoples pins though:) It's probably only a matter of time...

  4. I love your pins and boards! I might just have to join. Do you still need an invite to join?

  5. I read about pinterest recently and was confused, I still am a bit, but this helps... oh and if I could, I would live in the room from picture #1

  6. I go on Pinterest everyday but still have not joined out of fear of this very addiction you mention! :) Your pins are lovely. If I join, you'll be the first one I follow!

  7. Ooh I want that shabby chic room for myself!
    (And I nodded vigorously when I read the wine quote.)


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