Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh Sweet Pinterest

Pinterest favorites

About a month ago, I did a post on my slightly-more-than mild addiction to Pinterest.  I've watched the site grow quite a bit over the past few weeks, so I thought I'd revisit the topic (you know, since I don't already spend enough time obsessing over it).  For those not yet sucked in, Pinterest is, quite simply, a place to catalog things you love (you can read more about it here).  It really is an incredible place to get inspired, find others with similar tastes, and discover a whole lot of loveliness.  

The images above are some of my recent Pinterest favorites.  You can check out more of my pins and boards (and follow me, if you like) right HERE.

1. Everything is Going to Be Amazing -
    (My Pin|1st Pinned|taken from
2. Yellow Bicycle Basket -
    (My Pin|1st Pinned|taken from Bubby&Bean's Tumblr)
3. Stylish Hitchhiker -
    (My Pin|1st Pinned|taken from Dust Jacket Attic)
4. Aqua Pattern Goodness -
    (My Pin|1st Pinned|taken from Flyer Goodness)
5. Not All Those Who Wander -
    (My Pin|1st Pinned|taken from violent dreams)
6. Kate Spade Road Trip -
    (My Pin|1st Pinned|taken from Matchbox Mag)
7. She & Him Poster-
    (My Pin|1st Pinned|taken from Jason Munn)

Anyone else a Pinterest addict?


  1. I haven't really looked at it much...but I'm afraid if I do it will be trouble!

  2. These pictures are soooo pretty!! I love the top one. :-) I look at your Pinterest Page all the time but still have yet to join!! Do you still need an invite to join?


  3. I love pinterest and I love all your finds:)

  4. Totally addicted. I use it pretty much every day. I have to watch my time, because that site sucks me in.

    Love your choices!

  5. Ack I'm scared to check it out because I KNOW it's something I'll become addicted to. Everyday though I get closer and closer and closer...

  6. I absolutely love, love, LOVE "Stylish Hitchhiker", the outfit is SO pretty :D

  7. i want... no.. NEED that dress on no. 3!

    following you from on EBT. so glad i found this little nook of the web. you're site is GREAT!


  8. This post is all sorts of lovely. I stalk you on Pinterest but have yet to sign up!

  9. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone! Jessica, yes, you do still need an invite to join. You can request one from the site (which takes a few days I believe), but if any of you would like me to send you one, I will. Just let me know!


  10. Oh, my, yes. I'm a Pinterest addict... ;)

  11. i love that basket with the yellow ribbon :) it makes me want a different, more cute kind of bike :)

  12. thanks for posting this on the Etsy forum! I love the stuff you picked out, and I LOVE Pinterest!

  13. oh my gosh....I LOVE pinterest too!!! it is an addition...a feast really for one's eyes...i am on board too...literally...and i am following you...all the adoring single solitary moments of pure lovely inspiration! cheers my new friend!


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