Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Morning Daydreams

milkmaid braids
It's possible that I just discovered my wedding hairstyle. (source)

I'm thinking that this mixed metal necklace from Ax + Apple is sort of amazing.  I especially love how it's paired here with a simple gray tshirt.  I have a feeling I'd wear that combo on a fairly regular basis. 

Anthropologie tote
This embroidered tote from Anthropologie would be my ideal carry-all bag for summertime.  LOVE the patterns, colors, braided handles and fringe detail.

braided barrettes
These ribbon barrettes ought to bring back some memories for those of you who are my fellow children of the '80s.  I may just channel my 5 year-old self this weekend and make a pair.  This time around, I'll likely skip the neon colorss of my youth and opt for some muted neutral tones, like the the pretty pair above by retro80s

braided rug
My hallway is just crying out for this handmade (and one-of-a-kind) runner rug by Mrs. Ginther.  I adore how the reds look so vibrant against the grays and blacks.  Did I mention that it was crafted from repurposed vintage wools?  Want. 

braided bread
I've been daydreaming about homemade bread a lot lately.  My mom used to make beautiful braided bread like this from scratch every weekend when I was growing up.  There isn't much that tastes (or smells) better than freshly bake bread.  Looks like I have a Sunday morning project!

On this lovely Saturday morning, I'm daydreaming of all kinds of intertwined strands of zigzagged, overlapping goodness.  It's sort of amazing, really, to think about just how many different things can be so beautifully constructed via such a simple process.  I'm feeling pretty inspired to braid all sorts of projects this weekend.

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  1. I used to have loooooong hair (lost it w/chemo, but it is on its way back), and I taught myself how to do all sorts of creative braiding like the one above. This is my favorite site for instructions

    I can''t wait for the Ren Faire this year, as my hair should be long enough to do some of this!

    Kimberlee of Magpie Shinies

  2. i love love that hairstyle!! also i am totally checking out the website in the above comment. i have super long hair and am kinda struggling with what to do with it!


  3. I love that pretty hair style! You're going to look beautiful!

  4. Another lovely saturday morning daydreams!! That hair style is so pretty and I totally remember those barrettes and want to make them too! The bread looks super yummy too.


  5. Love that hair style! And oh, those ribbon barrettes really do bring back memories!

  6. I adore that necklace!

  7. Wonderfully inspiring Sat. Morning Daydreams as always! That Anthro bag is killer.

  8. Katie WisnewskiMay 29, 2011 3:22 PM

    I tried commenting on this yesterday but comments weren't working. I just had to say that I am braid obsessed lately and I LOVE this article!


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