Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Favor Bliss (& Automobile Nightmares)

birdseed wedding favors
The cutest birdseed wedding favor D.I.Y., like ever.
plant wedding favors
Mini succulent plant wedding favors.  Love!
orange marmalade wedding favor
'Spread the love' orange marmalade wedding favor? Yes please!
BHLDN wedding favors
Muslin top hat favor bags from BHLDN.
(I bet it would be easy to make something similar too).
veggie seed wedding favors
I adore the presentation of these pretty veggie seed favors.

I had quite the evening last night.  I mean, what are the chances that after bringing the wrong deposit to the bank (hello, embarrassing), your car dies in the bank drive-through because the theft system (that you've never used) tells the car that someone is trying to start it with the wrong key, after which your fiance's car won't start at home, and you have to wait two hours for a ride because cab service is terrible?  Oh, and then, what are the chances that you have to abandon the car in a grocery store parking lot after pushing it out of the bank drive-through (which is now long closed), because paying to have it towed isn't even worth it at that point, and a mechanic who isn't familiar with GM's terrible and basically unfixable theft system flaws would be a waste?  Yep.  Did I mention that the fiance goes back on the road with the band today, and I will be car-less until he gets home and we can figure out together what to do, since he is "pretty sure" he can fix it?  Being car-less isn't necessarily a bad thing, unless, say, you have an old doggy with cancer who may need to get driven to the vet at a moment's notice in the middle of the night.   Just saying.

Things could be worse, I know. I am being a complainer.  In a public forum, with my name attached to it. There is a positive side to the story though, because when I finally got home, I was able to salvage a little of what was to be our first real sit-down wedding planning night and ease my weary mind, by looking at pretty pictures of really cool wedding favor ideas for an hour (some of which are posted above).  And on another positive note, I think we may have finally found a venue that will allow us to get all DIY-y and not spend a million dollars.  Cross your fingers that it pans out! 

As for the car, it's still in the store parking lot.  Guess I better go deal with that, huh?  Oh, and don't buy a Chevy Malibu, no matter how good the deal may be.  Trust me.

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  1. I am so sorry! We have been down to a one car family for months now after the Mister's decided it needed a new the tune of over a grand for a old 1991 pick up. yeah! I feel you. Here's hoping today is has to be, right?

  2. Eek! What a headache! Ca troubles are the worst... If you don't has AAA you should get it, they have saves be some major headaches and money! Also lovely wedding favor ideas... I love a favor you actually want to take home with you!

  3. oh my freakin hades in a hound basket! someday u'll look back on this nightmare, & laugh. we can hope. nothing like really garbage-y blahness to really appreciate how fantastic normal-ness can be. whatever normal-ness is at the moment. big hugs.

  4. We are a one-car family too and with 5 jobs between the 2 of us, we are always on the road. I've learned to navigate the bus system here really well. AND additionally I've saved about $200 in gas over the past 2 months. There's an upside.

  5. Oh my gosh, how frustrating about your car! Especially with Bubby being sick and not having a way to get him to the vet if there's an emergency! You poor thing! I love that you made something positive out of it though and those wedding favor ideas are sooo pretty!!


  6. i love the marmalade idea, and even cuter that its "spread the love"

  7. So frustrating! It's that kind of thing that makes me glad I don't have a car...even though that means I have to take the bus every day.

    I am loving those wedding favors. And normally I hate looking at wedding things, haha.

  8. Ouch! What a crapy-do day. Yes, go look at pretty things with a glass of vino. And tell poochie no funny stuff till you get the car sorted out. I'm sure he'll understand.

  9. Sorry you had such a bad night! Back when I had a car, it was an old jalopy, and I've broken down more times than I can count, in some of the most inconvenient places. It can be very stressful, expensive, and of course, embarrassing. But hopefully, your fiance will be able to fix it and save you the exorbitant mechanic bills. Also, love love the birdseed favors.

  10. Ugh, that sucks about your car. We just had to spend $1000 to get my husband's crappy old Neon fixed because the front end was all out of alignment. Awesome.

    But on the bright side, you found some great favor ideas!

  11. Oh no! I hope you get it worked out soon!

    Those favors are adorable :)

  12. oh what a poopy day :( i'm glad you got a kick outta my crappy portrait though :)

  13. Aw man, that does not sound like fun! Glad you could turn it around by finding such lovely favors to share with all of us though. I probably would have just complained ;-)

  14. That sounds like a headache! I hope it all works out for you :(


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