Monday, October 31, 2011

Costumes of Halloween Past

As I complained about mentioned in Friday's post, this is the first Halloween in six years that I won't be (A) meeting my husband on the road with his band, or (B) dressing up.  In fact, I'm almost 100% certain that this is the first Halloween ever that I'm not dressing up.  It's not because I had the sudden realization that I need to act like a "grown up" (trust me), nor because I'm just not feeling into it.  I adore Halloween, and I equally adore planning and making costumes.  It's just that between the comedown from nonstop wedding madness and the holiday work I need to get done for Mountains of the Moon and the Bubby and Bean Art shop, I just had to sit this one out.  I'm actually looking forward to hanging with Bubby dog and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.  I can't even remember the last time I was in town and able to hand out candy, so I'm excited!

Since I don't have a fancy schmancy costume to share this year, I thought I'd share my costumes from the last few Halloweens.  These are all low quality cell phone shots, but you get the idea.

1. We got to play in San Francisco (my favorite city in the U.S.) on this particular Halloween, and Robbie's and my dear friend Eddie and I decided to get a little punk rock as Sid and Nancy.  Eddie has very curly hair, and we had so much fun straightening it with my flat iron and sculpting it into liberty spikes.  There was a very large amount of hairspray involved.

2. For their Halloween show each year, Robbie's band has a mash-up theme. They mash songs together (my favorite thusfar being Pink Floyd's The Wall and Michael Jackson's Thriller), and the band and fans mash costumes as well.  My friend Annie and I decided to go as "Bunny and Cher" last year in Saint Louis.  We carried around fake microphones and sang "I Got You Babe" to each other all night.  It was hilarious.

3. This one might be #1 for me.  For those of you who experienced the same shameless/guilty pleasure that I did in the reality show Rock of Love and its equally-as-terrible spinoff Charm School Girls,  you'll appreciate this one.  My dear friend Mary Welch, her fiance Ryan (bass player in the band), Robbie and I decided to do our own mashed-up interpretation of these shows.  Mary Welch and I were "Lucky Charm School Girls" (we wore their school girl outfits with 4-leafed clover and lucky horse shoe jewelry), Ryan was "Bret Michaels Jackson" (check out the rad MJ jacket), and Robbie was "Big John Lennon"(Big John is Bret Michael's roadie).  We got to celebrate Halloween in the giant Sequoias that year for a festival that the band played in Yosemite. It was pretty amazing.

What about you?  Are you wearing a costume this year, and if so, what are you wearing?  If not, what are your Halloween plans?

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  1. Those Rock of Love costumes have me in stitches. Oh my goodness so great.


  2. what fun costumes! halloween weekend kinda kicked my butt this weekend! i would actually have preferred laying low! have fun passing out candy :)



  3. What fun costumes!! I live the Sid and Nancy, you guys went all out!! I'm a witch this year. Not nearly as creative as these!! :-)

  4. Awesome Ideas... people can be so creative!!

  5. Ahh these are so fun! Love the Sid & Nancy!

    Happy Halloween :)

  6. Happy Halloween! I've always wanted to dress like a celebrity but then I always end up as a cartoon character. Maybe next year...

  7. The Rock of Love costumes are hilarious!! Don't take this the wrong way, but all of you look the part!

  8. melissa, you're not gonna believe this, but my husband & i dressed as sid & nancy. look here

    this yr my husband dressed as bret michaels. i swear. i'll show you my blog post, as soon as i make it. though i've never been cher, but i did see her in concert, in 2009. of course you & robbie are the costume king & queen. have great holiday!

  9. Hahaha, Bunny and Cher. I'm dying over the faux Brett Michaels, too. :-)

  10. These are awesome costumes! I love the Sid and Nancy!

  11. Thanks for the love everyone! I officially survived my first costume-less Halloween. :) Next year, I'll top all of these costumes. Promise.



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