Wednesday, April 25, 2012

color love >> hello NEON

Yep.  It's everywhere right now.  And while I love bold, bright colors like there's no tomorrow, I'll admit that neon is one of those trends that initially scared me a little.  When I saw all the neon on the runways last fall, it immediately conjured up images of mid-80s train wreck combos like hot pink blazers with massive shoulder pads, and florescent yellow ripped vinyl leggings with towering, Aqua Net-plastered bangs.  Also, let's face it - not many of us look good draped in full-on neon garb.  Or at least I don't.  But as it goes with many things, in moderation, neon is pretty awesome.  A pop of high-voltage citrus or dayglo orange or vibrant fuchsia can be really amazing if paired with the right neutrals. I've actually become mildly obsessed with these hints of electric color.  So naturally, I decided it was about time for a color love post that showcased this little crush I'm having, via some of my current favorite neons.

1. Noir Jewelry 'Shaka Neon Knot Bracelet,' via shopbop.
2. Citrus dress from the SS12 collection at H&M.
3. 'Colorful Matches' by sarcasmspeaks on Flickr.
4. The Neon Nail Polish collection from American Apparel.
5. Awesome window display at Moccasin Telegraph.
6. 'Get Your Neon On' rabbit print. (source)
7. Neon pink painted table. (source)
8. Karen Walker neon sunnies, via Les Nouvelles.
9. La Mer neon orange wrap watch, via shopbop.
10. The 'Neon Light Rail Wedge,' via ModCloth.

What are your thoughts on the neon trend?  All about it, or not interested?

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  1. I've always been a fan of bright bold chartreuse and find it compliments so many other colors like rich cobalt blue, lush turquoise even hot pinks and purples. I once saw a lady wearing a sophisticated cobalt blue suit and all I could think of was how her outfit would truly pop by adding a dash of spicy chartreuse. ;) Great post about great colors that are too often overlooked.

    1. That's a great story! Glad to know you're a neon fan too. :)

  2. I never used to really like neon but lately I've been warming up to it and now I love it!! :-)

  3. melissa, i was fearful of the 80's fluorescent rewind too, but this trend has definitely been updated. it seems so much better now. don't you agree? :)

  4. last week i impulse bought a pair of denim shorts from j crew online. (whilst my hubby was out on the town seeing UM, actually)
    it was late and the photo did not do Any justice to the actual 'neon persimmon' value of these little numbers. short story: love them. i nearly went blind when i pulled them from the box, but they look great on and do something wonderful for my skin tone. so i'm in. gettin' my neon on. albeit accidentally.

  5. lol I was all about Black & Whites last night and all it took was a read of your blog and I'm fascinated with starting a Neon Splash board over at pinterest! you are right.. in moderation it defs seems slightly less intimidating but all in all I do love the boldness of the colors. Would have to say #9 with that awesome orange is very appealing but #10 boots with hint of neon = perfection!

    Thanks for great share!


  6. I love the neon thing! I haven't really bought into it yet, but I'm sure it'll catch some of my pocket money at some point before summer hits full force. :) I love your inspirations on it!

  7. omg I am loving the neon trend this year!


  8. I am soooooo happy neon is back! Nothing makes me happier than wearing/seeing NEON YELLOW. You can't help but smile! :)

  9. I need pink neon sunglasses in my life. :)
    thanks for checking out my blog. glad to hear you love The Artist too. xoxo

  10. I want neon nailpolish in every color !!! Great picks ! Great blog too !

    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  11. I didn't think I would like it but then I had a weird craving to paint my nails neon orange/cora this week and now every time I look at my fingers I can't help but smile.

  12. I love neon and happy to follow this trend. great post

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I'm your newest follower, you are doing a great job!

  13. ooooh! i love how colorful and happy this post is! i want that print of the bunny - i have three - so i am thinking it would be VERY appropriate hanging in my room :)

  14. looooove that table! Every time i see it i fall more in love with it. That nailpolish is pretty rad, too!
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!


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