Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why the Motorola Elite Sliver Headset Rocks

Motorola Elite Sliver

My husband/friends/family like to make fun of the fact that I am ridiculously attached to my cell phone.  I'll admit that I do have a tendency to pull it out at regular 5 minute intervals, and that it's a pretty rare occasion when I can even make it through an entire dinner out (or show, or movie, or shopping adventure) without at least glancing at my email (or Twitter, or Instagram).  And if I'm not scrolling or typing on my cell, I'm talking on it.  It's true. 

In my defense, because I work from home, I have to conduct a lot of my business via phone calls.  And this, my friends, can be a bit of a challenge when you have a lot going on at once.  At one point I tried an earpiece headset in an effort to avoid awkwardly holding the phone up to my ear (and/or repeatedly dropping it) while attempting to do things like type notes during a meeting or balance an armful of packages to ship.  Unfortunately, it felt bulky and looked weird and just didn't solve the problem.  Alas, I decided that I was destined to continue to gracelessly multi-task with my phone arduously wedged between my ear and shoulder.

Recently though, I was invited by Motorola to be part of their Fashion Insider group, and they told me that they were going to send me an Elite Sliver bluetooth to try out.  Despite my past experience, I figured it couldn't hurt to give a headset one more chance.  I did some googling to find out more, and was surprised to learn that this sleek little headset actually debuted on the runways of LA Fashion Week last fall.  I came across a video of the runway show (which I'm sharing at the bottom of this post), and was impressed to see the models actually wearing the Elite Sliver headsets on the catwalk.  It was really cool to see bluetooth deceives as fashion accessories that genuinely complemented the looks rather than interfering with them.  I was pretty excited about the cuteness factor and all, but I was also curious to see if it would actually work for me.

When the package from Motorola arrived in the mail, the first thing I noticed about the Elite Sliver was the size.  Seriously, I have never seen a bluetooth this small.  And it came with a tiny case (about the size of a makeup compact), which is extra awesome for those of us who are technology device accident prone but don't enjoy lugging oversized cases around in our handbags. 

Obviously, I wanted to test it out with my phone right away.  It was easy to put on, surprisingly comfortable, and fit really well (unlike the gawky headset I'd tried in the past). I could also see exactly why they initially promoted it via Fashion Week: the design is streamlined - elegant, even - and doesn't get in the way of your personal style.  It's nice to know that if I get all dressed up for a night out or an event, I can discreetly make phone calls without some awkwardly large headset ruining my fancy-pants hairdo or taking away from a pretty new dress.  I made a call, and was really pleased with the clarity of sound.  Even when I walked away from my phone (this baby has a roam range of up to 300 feet), my friend on the other end and I could both hear each other perfectly, without any annoying background noise.

Over the next few days, I was able to use the Elite Sliver for all of my calls, without ever having to charge it.  I realized at this point that I'd somehow missed the fact that the case is also a charger.  So when I'm on one of my frantic errand-running sprees, the headset is actually charging in its tiny case, for up to 15 hours of talk time. Kind of amazing.

I have to say you guys, I'm pretty impressed with this incredibly functional, surprisingly fashion-forward little bluetooth.  If you're in the market for a headset, I highly recommend checking out the Motorola Elite Sliver.  So far, I haven't had a single issue, and it's helped me to feel more organized and productive (and definitely less clumsy).  The best part is that it's so lightweight and slim that no one will notice it's there - even you. 

P.S. Here's the video showing the Elite Sliver on the runways at LA Fashion Week.  So cool.

*I received the Elite Sliver as part of the Motorola Fashion Insiders program.  As with all product reviews on this blog, all opinions expressed are honest and my own.  That said, the Elite Sliver rocks. For real.

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  1. i've never thought about getting a blue tooth before but this one looks super nice!!

  2. This looks nice, I've never had a bluetooth before but if I ever need one I'll have to check it out!

  3. Thanks for the endorsement. I'd love to have one of those!

  4. Oh man, I had a bluetooth headset for about 3 seconds last year when my business started picking up for real. I just felt like a dorky stock broker and gave it to my husband (who doesn't use it either, actually). However, this one IS completely different looking, and the video was pretty persuasive... Maybe I won't rule it out.


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