Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2 Years Ago Today

Two years ago today, I had to say goodbye to my "brother" and best friend (and ex-partner of eleven years). Jeff, now that Bubby dog is with you again, I hope you're playing catch with the biggest sticks you can find, jumping over moss-covered fallen redwood trees, swimming in limitless oceans, and reveling in the chance to be completely free-spirited (a chance that you never quite got in this world).  Your family, friends, and I will never forget you.
Photo of Jeff and Bubby by Sky Alsgaard.

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  1. I'm sorry for your loss. It must still be so painful to lose someone you love.

  2. dear jeff,

    while your up there playing with bubby, if you run into goofy crazy man named tim carrigan and a little tiny growling chihuahua named noogs, befriend them. you might find you have alot in common and could use each other companionship. although i dont know, i know you are dearly missed here.

    peace and love,

  3. I know your world has been through some really rough rides as of late....just wanted you to know you are thought of. And I hope life gets a bit easier for you. Much love.

  4. The blogs I follow are making me so emotional today....Sending love and light your way....
    <3<3<3 Ruth

  5. You were a wonderful friend, girlfriend, and family member to Jeff, & stood by his side more than anyone. I know he knows this. Sending you big hugs over the miles.


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