Thursday, June 14, 2012

Large Sponsor Spotlight >>> Meet the JuneTeam!

Blowfish Shoes
We think personal style is just another form of self-expression...and we make shoes for creative girls who can put together a look with effortless originality. Blowfish takes a break from the ordinary and a cue from the past. There's something unexpected in every shoe we create, just as there's something unexpected about every girl who wears them.

Well and Cheaply
Hello! My name is Sarah. I live in Brooklyn, New York and like to write. Things I like to write about include: thoughts that happen in my brain (usually while walking to the subway), people that I love, cats that I love, places, food, books and life. My blog is a window into my world. Please feel free to peep in from the sidewalk because it's nighttime and I've left the blinds wide open and all the lights are on.

Row House 14
I'm Heidi, a Baltimore City school teacher, that loves to blog about art, design, music, and food. When I'm not teaching or blogging, I'm working on new designs for my greeting card and stationery business Row House 14.   
15% off in the Row House 14 shop with code BUBBYANDBEAN

Vivi Dot
SHOP 1  //  SHOP 2  //  BLOG  //  TWITTER
I'm Molly Gaines, also referred to as the dot girl, the button lady, Vividot, etc.  I make accessories that are fun, unusual and not meant to match every outfit. They are a 'dot' of unique color affordable enough to allow you to have every color of the rainbow represented in your accessories wardrobe. It's a great way to dress up a basic jacket or outfit - I've even heard them described as 'punk work' accessories. Everything is different and fun and acceptable for the office. Well, almost everything.  (Pssst!  Vivi Dot is now available on Etsy too!  See discount!) 
>>> DISCOUNT: 25% off in the Vivi Dot Etsy Shop with code BUBBYANDBEAN

Little White Chapel
Little White Chapel is the place to find affordable vintage-inspired wedding (and other special occasion!) jewelry. It started as a creative outlet when I hated my day job, but now it's becoming my career. And I love it. Aside from selling bridal/bridesmaid items on Etsy, I have an everyday wear line that you can find at various art shows around the Chicago area. -Paige
>>> DISCOUNT: 15% off at Little White Chapel with code BUBBYANDBEAN15

Scathingly Brilliant
Hello! I'm Kate and I blog at Scathingly Brilliant -- a mish-mash of personal style, music, movies, cats and astronomy. I spend most of my time working on my etsy shop, Flapper Doodle, where I sell my illustrations and things with my illustrations printed on them. When I'm not blogging and etsy-ing, I'm usually watching The X-Files and classic movies or playing with my adorable cats Chloe and Hypatia!

Sway first opened its doors in 2003 in Berkeley, CA. Seeing that its sense of style and fun resonated with the customers all over the Bay Area, Sway soon opened more doors, and by 2010 had 6 stores across Northern California. We’re all about having fun with cloths in an exciting and friendly atmosphere.
>>> DISCOUNT: 10% off at Sway Chic with code BUBBY&BEAN

Be sure to check back later today for our Medium Sponsor Spotlight!

So far this month, I've been spending a lot of time visiting the shops and blogs who are sponsoring Bubby and Bean for June.  They each have something pretty amazing going on, and I'm thrilled that they're a part of the team.  You guys should definitely take a couple of minutes to click on the links and images above and see all the goodness they have to offer.  Sponsors are an important part of Bubby and Bean.  They help us continue to exist and grow, and the funds raised by their ad spots are used to constantly improve this blog and make the best it can be for our readers. 

And check back in the next week for a special interview post with June's featured sponsor, Erika from Rouge & Whimsy!  She has a rad blog and a really cool shop full of handmade colorblock tote bags.  Erika has also kindly offered Bubby and Bean readers 15% off your entire order in the Rouge & Whimsy Shop with code BUBBYANDBEAN through the end of the month.  Pretty awesome.
Want to spread the word about your blog, small business or Etsy shop?  Bubby and Bean is now accepting sponsors for July and August!  Click HERE for details.

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  1. i have mentioned this many times, and I actually know (well the blogs of anyway) some of your sponsors now, but I love the sponsor feature posts. It is a great way to give back to those who support you. Nice feature.

  2. Excited to check out some new blogs and stores!!! :-D

  3. definitely checking these blogs out... I have a million tabs open now!

  4. Love reading new blogs!! Great sponsors!


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