Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY Tutorial // Easy Embroidery Hoop + Lace Jewelry Display

This guest post was written by our October featured sponsor, Paige Ronchetti of Oh Nostalgia.

Greetings, readers of Bubby and Bean!  I'm Paige from Oh Nostalgia and I'm excited to share a new tutorial with you today.  For a long time I kept all of my accessories in a jewelry box, even the pieces that didn't really need to be protected.  But earlier this year I switched things up and started keeping a lot of it on display.  Not only does it act like a little art arrangement in my bedroom, but I actually wear more of the pieces now than when I had to dig around in a container.  (Out of sight, out of mind, I guess.)

Anyway, let's get moving with this jewelry holder!  I use mine for earrings, but depending on how sturdy your lace is, you could also hang bracelets and necklaces from it. You can hang it on a wall, lean it against something, or even use a wooden plate holder or easel to hold it up.

To get started, all you need is:
  • an embroidery hoop (mine is 10", but you can get whatever size you need)
  • lace ribbon
  • scissors

This is literally one of the easiest things I've ever made, and I love me some easy projects. First, unspool some of the ribbon and cut a few strands to size. I left a little extra on each end for adjusting once the hoop is in place.

Once you have your ribbon, take the embroidery hoop apart and put the inner circle on the table. Lay the strands of ribbon on top, and then place the outer circle down as usual. You should have lace sticking out of both ends like this:

Pull on both sides of the lace gently to adjust and tighten. Once you have the ribbon equally spaced and level, tighten the embroidery hoop by using the screw at the top.

Adjust the lace as you go, if necessary. Once everything is in place, snip off the extra ribbon. You may find that a thinner lace doesn't "fill" the space between the hoops, even when the screw is tightened all the way. If this happens to you, just dab a bit of glue on the back where the lace peeks out. This will keep it in place.

And that's it!  See, the easiest project ever.  Honestly, it took me way longer to take the pictures for this post than it did to make the actual jewelry holder.

How do you store your jewelry?  Are you a box fan, or do you like to have it out?  Have you ever made your own display item before? -Paige

Many thanks to Paige for sharing this fun tutorial and for being such a fantastic featured sponsor.   Make sure you pay a visit to her shops, Oh Nostalgia and Little White Chapel, both of which contain some of the prettiest handmade jewelry you'll ever see.  You can also find Paige on her blog, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Paige has also generously offered up the following coupon for Bubby and Bean readers: 15% off at Oh Nostalgia with code BUBBYANDBEAN15. And finally, stay tuned for an amazing giveaway featuring Oh Nostalgia goodies next week!  xo, melissa

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  1. Such a simple but beautiful idea! I may have to give this a whirl and see if I can make it look as pretty!


  2. What a cute idea!!!!!! Definitely gonna try this. :-)

  3. How easy is this! I will definitely have to make a stop by my A.C.moore, see if I can find a hoop. I love this idea for displaying earrings and it would come in handy when photographing my jewelry :)

  4. This is too cute and I love how easy it is!
    I got some sticky hooks a while back and hung all my necklaces on them...I love how they brighten up the room :)

  5. Great tutorial, Paige! I don't think I've ever made a display before. I usually keep most of mine put away, but that's a shame because it doesn't get worn nearly enough. I should at least have it out and look at it! :)

  6. such an adorable DIY.


  7. What a sweet and super easy DIY, love it!

    Blogging Buddies Team

  8. Cute and simple! I'm a box person. My husband stained my box for me.

  9. This is such a fun, simple idea! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks, everybody! I'm glad you liked it. :-)

  11. I can't wait to try this! My jewelry is in a shoebox right now!

  12. Oh I love this! I have so much jewelry and never know where to store it all.

    <3 Melissa

  13. This is so pretty!


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