Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Life Lately, in Snapshots

Pics from top:  1. fun times at austin city limits music fest  // 2. elli drew this tribute to robbie's band all by her awesome self in the backstage catering area // 3. little lucy found uncle robbie's hat // 4. hanging with the husband at work  // 5. austin sure has some pretty flowers // 6. grey-green polish is my new obsession // 7. baili dog + elli love // 8. lucy's lego masterpiece // 9. elli loves her rock n' roll // 10. step sista hang time // 11. wearing my special bracelet in honor of margarita's memory on her birthday // 12. strategic braid placement hides bangs (who knew?) // 13. vintage cameras galore at the flea market // 14. ann-e's turquoise-colored embellished flats need to be made in adult sizes // 15. diy sharpie mustache tattoos // 16. fresh cider made at an antique mill may be autumn's greatest gift

Time for another monthly-ish peek into my life via good old Instagram photos.  As you can see, the majority of these were snapped on my recent trip to Austin, Texas.  I spent last Wednesday through this Sunday hanging out with the raddest kids to ever grace the planet (biased or otherwise, my nieces and nephew are awesome), spending time with Robbie's wonderful fam, and listening to music in the sunshine at Austin City Limits festival.  We packed a lot into those five days.  I took an amazing yoga with weights class called 'YoStrong' set to an ACL playlist at Wanderlust (great local yoga studio for those of you who live in Austin), ate tons of good food, celebrated Robbie's dad's birthday, walked the little ones to school, went to their baseball and soccer games, and couldn't stop smiling as I watched them rock out to Robbie's band.  I could go on and on. For real.  It was a special trip.
If you're on Instagram, leave your user name in the comments so I can check out your photos!  You can see more of mine here or under the user name bubbyandbean.

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  1. I have always been amused to be here....simply an awesome post..

  2. Love that tribute to Robbie's band! Awesome. All your pics are always great and fun to view. =) Really pretty bracelet, and you just gotta love Sharpie mustaches!!!
    from Blogging Buddies

  3. Number 15 is my favorite. So cute.

  4. Pretty nail polish! Also, I love your outfit in #12. Especially that necklace!

    P.S. Lego masterpieces for the win!

  5. looks like such a fun trip!


  6. Love your nail polish color in #6!

  7. Austin looks so fun and I love the pictures of your nieces, so cute! =) I really need to get my instagram set up!

  8. isn't being an aunt fun? :) glad you had a fab time. i remember when you shared your friend margarita's story. sigh

  9. so cool you are an aunt! looks like you have had a pretty busy and fun month, great instagrams!


  10. Thanks for your comments you guys! Teddi, yes, being an aunt rocks :). xo, m

  11. Hooray for more instagram pictures! I love it when you share them (and I probably say that every time too haha.) It sounds like you guys had a really awesome time and that is wonderful : ]

    Also, in response to your day-camping post: Beautiful pictures! That is so amazing you got to be in such a pretty space even for a day! Like really, the colors you got to see--gorgeous! And such a good idea for spending a day with people you love too!!


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