Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Halloween Weekend Adventures (+ Some Words From My Heart)

Happy Halloween you guys!  Are you in full costume while you're reading this?  Eating ridiculous amounts of sugary treats?  Playing horror movies in the background?  Other than handing out candy to trick-or-treaters later on, I'm actually not doing much out of the ordinary today.  I celebrated over the weekend up in Milwaukee, where I met Robbie and the band for their Halloween run.  I explained this in Friday's post, but each year the band plays two shows the weekend before Halloween, with the second night being a mash-up themed set list and costume party.

I had the best intentions of getting all sorts of pictures of our costumes, but sometimes when you're doing something for the sole purpose of having fun, you just need to drink a beer and put down the camera already.  So alas, I didn't even get a full-length shot of my mash-up costume (Buddy Holly Golightly. Get it? Get it?), but I'm still going to share some of my photos from the evening, which ended up being an amazing time as usual.  Also, the Buddy Holly part of my ensemble didn't last very long because carrying around a guitar (even a mini one) in the middle of a packed venue isn't the easiest feat.  Audrey Hepburn is pretty much my ultimate idol anyway, so I certainly didn't mind devoting myself fully to her for the majority of the night. 

You may also notice my husband's "costume," which I made for him.  We compromised. I wanted him to wear a costume.  He felt it was too much effort.  Easy solution, seen above. That little black bar was Photoshopped in, by the way.  I'm sure you guys can figure out what it actually said.

On a completely different and much less happy note, I want to take a moment to pay tribute to my beautiful Aunt Kathy, who succumbed to her 12 year battle with cancer yesterday.  She made the decision from the beginning to treat it holistically and stuck to it, and lived far, far beyond the life expectancy she was given by doctors.  Only recently did it start to affect her quality of living, and she passed away peacefully in her own home.  Aunt Kathy was always smiling, always making serious times silly, and always bringing family together.  And although my heart hurts knowing that the world just lost someone so special, her entire family feels a sense of peace knowing that she was ready to say goodbye, and is no longer suffering.

I know many of you are in celebratory moods today because of Halloween, and that you come to this design + lifestyle blog for inspiration.  So I wanted to wish you all a happy holiday today, but I also wouldn't have felt right only talking about my adventures at a concert when something so much more important to me is going on.  I appreciate you guys letting me share this, and also appreciate any positive thoughts you can send out to Aunt Kathy's children, grandchildren, and her loving husband, my Uncle Tim.  I'd also like to thank those of you who are involved in efforts to help find a cure (and better preventative testing) for ovarian cancer.  You are true heroes in the fight against an ugly, unfair disease.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I hope in the (near) future that we can find better treatments and a cure to ease the suffering of so many people. On another note, your Halloween party looks like a lot of fun, and I love your Buddy Holly Golightly, right up my alley :) I hope you sang Moon River with your mini guitar?

  2. Costumes are always fun, and I am in the same boat as you! I always want to dress up but my fiance never does. It's often a compromise for us as well.

    So sorry to hear about your aunt, sending virtual hugs your way from one blogger to another. xo

  3. So sorry about your aunt...terrible news.

    But looks like you had a fab weekend anyways!


  4. So sorry for your loss, Melissa. I'm sure the world has lost a beautiful person but is all the more better for her having been in it. xo

  5. Your husband's costume is great hahaha!! Looks like a fun rock star weekend!! Your costume is super cute too, you actually look a lot like Audrey Hepburn anyway I think!!

    I'm so sorry about your aunt, your words about her are beautiful and I agree that people who help fight against cancer are heroes!! I am thinkIng of your family.

  6. You always look like you're having so much fun! I love your costume and you husbands ;-). I'm also very sorry about your loss, and I think it's very thoughtful that you chose to share it. I'm praying for your family.

  7. Great idea for a costume! Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my all time faves, but I've yet to dress up as Holly... one day though.

  8. I wish I was in a celebratory mood, but in truth I am still pretty down right now. We just put our sweet little Winter dog down last week. And while I am feeling much better about it now than I was last week, I'd say I'm still not in a party-ing mood. We also lost my Grandpa back at the end of August. It seems it's been a tough year all around (I'm convinced the worst things to happen in life, happen in the even hopefully next year will be better). And anyway, I'm really glad you took the time to say something. I'm very sorry about your Aunt, but I know what you mean about the peace that sometimes comes with death (it was that way with my Grandpa too). I hope your family is doing alright!

    Even though you didn't get many pictures this weekend, the ones you did take are pretty great! I'm a fan! All the costumes are awesome (even though I don't get many of them haha)--dressing up in a public setting (other than a Halloween party) is always a super fun thing : ] I'm glad you had such a fun time!

    P.S.--I just saw that you are almost at 2000 followers! Yay for you!! : ]

  9. so sorry about your aunt. <3 thinking of you during this hard time sis

  10. I love your idea for your costume! Guys can be duds sometimes, can't they :)
    Sending my thoughts to you and your family during this difficult time.

  11. My thoughts go out to you and your family for your loss. Cancer of any form is terrible. I commend your Aunt Kathy for fighting the disease holistically and sticking to it. Living beyond the doctor's expectations is such a great accomplishment. Although you've lost someone dear to your heart, I am sure she is a much better place now, with no more pain or suffering. And I am certain that she lived a good life and lived it well. Cancer touches so many of us in so many ways...So a big THANKS to you, for paying tribute to your Aunt Kathy on a day full of parties and celebration. It's important.
    Plus, I will say super quickly - the concert looks awesome. And your hubby's costume is hilarious (I've seen a few hubbies choose that form of "costume" before).
    Happy Halloween to you!

  12. Thank you guys so much for your kind words about my Aunt Kathy. I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween! xo, m

  13. I'm so sorry for your loss, Melly. At times like this, words never seem to do justice. Offering endless love to your family...

  14. melissa, i'm sorry about your aunt kathy. it's good that you keep it real & stay true to yourself. this is your blog after all. cancer is evil. you look great as holly go lightly. buddy holly who? (i'm kidding). remember that song/video by weezer?

  15. I'm so sorry for your loss, Melissa.

  16. Your husband's costume is my favorite. :) You're genius!


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