Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Style >> Learning the Ropes

It's been unseasonably (aka awesomely) warm here in the Chicago area over the last few days, which means I've to break out a few warm(ish) weather outfits.  For whatever reason, the majority of my closet contains summery clothing.  I'm not sure if I just subconsciously prefer lighter weight clothes or if I'm in a constant state of denial over the fact that it's freezing here for half the year.  Regardless, it's been nice to wear maxi dresses and just throw on some tights and a cardigan rather than having to put on the winter coat, gloves and a hat.  And I know this weather's not going to last, so I've been taking full advantage.

Thankfully, this particular dress, despite its light weight fabric, is very layer-able (< not a real word). So I'm thinking that in addition to enjoying it during this brief period of mild temperatures, and plans to wear it on a daily basis in Mexico in two weeks, I'll get to wear a lot this winter as well.  It's called 'Learning the Ropes' (hence the title of this post) and is another gem designed by my friends over at Sugarlips.  I adore the red color, the tribal pattern is amazing, and the straps are uniquely cool (they're made from soft rope that is woven through the neckline, which allows them to be completely adjustable size-wise). 

It was a little chilly in the shade when we were taking these photos, so I paired it with a lightweight grey cardigan (one I've had so long that it's developed holes which I hand sewed shut - I'm just classy that way), some grey tights, grey legwarmers, and my favorite fall/winter boots.  As fun as I think it will be to get to wear it with nothing more than sandals, I'm quite a fan of the way it looks with layers as well.  There is nothing better than a versatile, all-season dress. 

To keep this outfit from looking too bulky with all of the layer action going on, I added a skinny belt to the waist.  Easy as pie.  Like the cardigan and boots, the accessories are all old favorites as well.  It's a simple, everyday kind of look, which to me is the best kind.

Dress: c/o Sugarlips  //  Cardigan: can't remember (it's old)  //  Legwarmers:  Target 
Tights: Target  // Bracelets: gifts and thrifted  //  Belt: F21  //  Boots: B.O.C. (last year)   

Before I go, can I just point out the fact that I look down in 75% of my photos?  Exactly what am I looking at?  Seriously, I couldn't stop laughing when I was going through these shots, because I just don't remember there being anything that interesting on the ground.  Maybe it's time to pay more attention to how I'm "posing."  Also, I look a little like a creepy alien in the photo with the faded black and white filter.  I'm cool with that though.

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  1. i really love the dress :)
    Irene Wibowo

  2. I look down whenever I take outfit photos too! I think I prefer the way I look when my head is pointed down....weird. Chicago had minimal winter weather last year too. It's probably a new trend :). It makes me happy since I visit a lot and I too hate cold weather but it might not be the best thing for the earth!

  3. Can't believe you can get that warm weather in December! The world's weather is crazy these days - we've got winter today, had our local river flooding to knee deep in places a week ago, and now expect snow in a few days time! Heaven help us!

  4. Great dress! And the legwarmers give the outfit the seasonal touch. =0)

  5. This is an absolutely gorgeous dress and I love the red as the holiday season approaches. And your so lucky to have some warm weather.
    Almost Endearing

  6. Haha I have a tendency to do that as well, I hearya girl! Love that dress by the way, the red is such a great color.

  7. I love your dress! Everything, the color, the cut, the style, the print. It's perfect! I live really close to Chicago and were enjoying this abnormally warm weather too! Love it.
    xx Natalia


  8. lovely dress dear! you look chic and beautiful xx

    Letters To Juliet

  9. I love the legwarmers with the boots under the maxi! The dress is also gorgeous. You styled it all really well. =)

  10. love this on you. you look gorgeous sis. absolutely glowing.

  11. Eeeep i love that dress so much and also the boots with leg warmers!!! Soooo cuuuute!!

  12. I love the outfit all together...it's awesome!:) Great colors too

  13. What a gorgeous dress! Love the print and the feminine shape.

  14. I always look down in my photos too! Haha. I have taken a few where I'm looking at the camera, but usually when I hear that beeping on the self-timer my face does weird things. Maybe I'd do better with an actual person behind the lens instead of a tripod, but I doubt it. :)
    Also, yay for warm weather, and I'm jealous of your upcoming trip to Mexico! Think of me bundled up wearing a scarf indoors while you're lying on the beach.

  15. Goodness gracious, you have fabulous style my friend!!! I absolutely LOVE that dress and the layers are ace. :D You are so pretty!

  16. melissa, you're beautiful! that dress is so lovely, and like how you layered it with the grey cardi, tights, and legwarmers. i like the boots, but i don't know what company B.O.C. is? did you tell us about your tattoo, and i forgot? or is it too personal?

    1. You are so sweet! B.O.C. is also called Born Concepts: www.bocshoes.com I adore their shoes! I have two tattoos and both are Tibetan Buddhist. The one on my upper back is the Tibetan Eternal Knot, and I got it while living at a Tibetan Buddhist center 7 or 8 years ago. :)

  17. That's a fantastic dress! I've also been known to sew shut holes in my cardigans because, like children, I just can't part with any of them.

    I'm cracking up at your "old" cardigan label too.


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