Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Life Lately, in Snapshots // Blissfully Boring

Pics from top:  1. if you're flying on your birthday, mention it to the captain and he might just let you 'fly' the plane  // 2. i absolutely adore my beautiful bubby necklace from silhoupette that i won in pretty fluffy's holiday giveaway  // 3. i may have checked a bag just to bring home a home an excessive amount of bliss toiletries from the w downtown atlanta hotel // 4. although winter is not my friend, it sure can be pretty at times // 5. this is what happens when i run into target to buy a planner // 6. laminates that i designed for the band's NYE run // 7. subaru 1, melissa and robbie 0 (grrrr)  // 8. this package of incredibly thoughtful gifts from my friend laura made my whole week // 9. my little sis gave me this watch for christmas and i haven't taken it off since // 10. when your amazing grandmother is currently stuck in a facility that isn't allowing visitors due to flu outbreaks, you make surprise drop-offs that include her favorite flowers  // 11. lots of valentine card order packing sessions happening lately  // 12. oh winter, why must you be so dreary? // 13. late night couch hangs with my sweetheart that involve little more than staring at the wall and dozing off are my very favorite times // 14. fondue + the golden globes make for the best sunday evenings

In comparison to December, when I traveled to Indianapolis, Atlanta, and Mexico, hosted my family for Christmas, battled an intense bout of stomach flu, and worked double time (in addition to the usual holiday madness), January has been incredibly mellow so far.  I posted last week about how I'm not a big fan of this time of year, but I've definitely made the best of the down time and taken advantage of enjoying Robbie's last couple of weeks at home before he leaves for the band's (long!) winter tour. 

I have zero plans for the rest of the month other than to continue this run of being blissfully boring.  The only things on the agenda are to attempt to get things slightly more organized around here, work on the blog, pack orders for the businesses, and have some relaxed coffee and dinner dates with friends.  I may take a quick last minute trip to see the husband too, but I'm going to see what pans out.  I always find that it's best not to plan too much after a period of craziness.  Besides, I tend to most appreciate trips during the dreariness of wintertime when they're unplanned.  Spontaneous adventures = instant cheer-ups.

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  1. Your blog is so awesome with so many beautiful photos! I love your style as well, you are so gorgeous! x

  2. Looks like January is a pretty great month :) I've been pretty busy, but I'm enjoying the break from the December craziness!

  3. That dog necklace is precious! What great pics.

  4. There is nothing I don't love about this post. All of those pictures tell a story... So pretty. SO fun! I love relaxing, I love mellow. I love exciting too - if it's exciting for the right reason, of course - but when everything is sailing along I feel so blessed.

  5. Aw I missed the Golden Globes but for good reason! I went to see a nominated movie at the theatre (Lincoln!). I'm excited for the Oscars though and I want to watch all the nominated films.. haha.


  6. I would love to have all of the bliss extras! I need to find a hotel that has them!



  7. Love that black dress - the detail is amazing!

  8. I'm hoping our February is the same as your January. Sometimes you just need those boring quiet moments to enjoy life and just be for a while.

    Hope the rest of this month continues to be wonderful for you :)

    - ashley

  9. I can't imagine how hard it must be to say bye to your boy over and over, I hope you can take some comfort in the downtime!!1 I love your snapshots. :-D

  10. Super cool for "flying" the plane photo! And the bubby necklace is awesome. Great photos to share. Gotta love the caption for the Subaru pic - made me giggle!

  11. Melissa beautiful photographs! Congratulations!

  12. Love love love your black doily dress! So gorgeous!

    Also reminded me how badly we need a Target up here in Canada-land. We're getting them soon!

    Best sister/coolest watch ever. Keep them both close forever.

  13. Happy belated birthday! The picture of you in the cockpit is too cool, what a thrill to see it!

  14. I can't believe they let you into the cockpit! I thought they stopped doing that sort of stuff after 911. Or maybe they're just super strict in and out of DC. Anyway, how fun!

    Also, I hope your car is ok. :/ Right now my windshield wipers don't really work and we've had nothing but rain for several days...so driving has been extra terrifying for me lately.

  15. I still love that Target dress! There's a ton of clearance at my store, but none of those in my size. Boo...

    The last two weeks have been pretty low-key, but now I'm getting some orders in for spring weddings. One customer has 12, yes 12, bridesmaids.


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