Monday, May 6, 2013

The Most Beautiful Gardens, Greenhouses + Plantscapes

The Most Beautiful Gardens, Greenhouses + Plantscapes // via Bubby and Bean
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This will be the third year for Robbie's and my outdoor container garden, and I am nerd-level excited about it you guys.  When we did our first garden in 2011, neither of us had any idea what we were doing.  At all.  We don't have a sprawling yard or big country plot - just a little balcony deck and some patches of grass beneath it.  Somehow, it actually worked, and we loved it so much that we even built raised beds last year in addition to our pots. 

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It's been a cold spring this time around, so nothing is planted outside quite yet (other than the garlic we planted last fall).  But our house has been covered in seedlings and tiny plants for the last couple of months, and I've been finding myself browsing gardening websites and Pinterest (I even started a new plants + gardening board) on a pretty regular basis.  Our lack of outdoor space hasn't stopped me from feeling ridiculously inspired by some of the gardens I've come across.  I'm actually not nearly as impressed by big, overly landscaped spaces as I am by creatively constructed, often simple gardens and plantscapes that have clearly been grown and designed with love.  I know that many of my readers love gardening as well, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you, in hopes that they bring you some growing inspiration as well.  I'd also love to hear about your gardening plans this year!

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  1. Beautiful! I sometimes wish I was better with plants (I'm really awful). Maybe someday I'll give gardening another shot. Needless to say, hubby does the gardening in this home. LOL
    I'm really liking the potted plant look in #9. I think I'll show it to him and see what he thinks.

  2. I love seeing how good some people are at using the space they have when it comes to gardening. Love the vertical garden wall, and the rooftop!!

  3. We're going to try a container garden this year too! These are all such great inspiration!

    1. They're so much easier than you think! And the great thing is that you can control the soil (and the placement - if certain containers aren't getting enough sun, etc.). Good luck!

  4. Oh my goodness - these are all amazing! I am busy planting a perennial garden in our backyard and I am loving the process of it! Gardening is so relaxing! xxx

  5. Oh my gosh, I have to plant things in the ground this year and I'm freaking. out. I put some flowers in planters this weekend, but I'm too scared to try the vegetables. I'll have to do it soon, though because tomatoes really need to be in by mid-May. (That's literally the only thing I know about gardens, haha.)

  6. Oh what lovely summery pictures! Can't wait to hear more about the gardens Xx

  7. These gardens are so beautiful!!!! I can barely keep a houseplant alive haha, but one day I will have something like this!!

  8. Thanks for your comments! I'm glad you guys like these gardens as well. I can't wait to have a real yard someday. xo, m


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