Friday, January 31, 2014

10 Great Valentine's Day DIY Projects

10 Great Valentine's Day DIY Projects // Bubby and Bean
1. Conversation Heart Pinatas, Studio DIY  //  2. Geometric Wall Heart, Oleander and Palm  //  3. Love Yarn Letters, My Sister's Suitcase  //  4. Black and Gold Heart Dice, Design*Sponge  //  5. Printable Valentines, Bubby and Bean  //  6. Felt Heart Valentine's Wreath, The Alison Show  //  7. Printable Pencil Valentine, Sweet Muffin Suite  //  8. Valentine's Day in a Box, You Are My Fave  //  9. Date Idea Arrows, Sugar and Cloth   //  10. Printable Arrow Straws, Wild Olive

My husband and I aren't big Valentine's Day celebrators.  He is always on the road with the band on February 14th, and although we do usually give each other a card and possibly some kind of deliciously unhealthy edible treat, we've never gone out to dinner or exchanged elaborate gifts or done anything that would be considered even slightly romantic or traditional.  That said, I'm still a fan of Valentine's Day, and always have been.  Any holiday that celebrates love is alright by me, and I'm a sucker for Valentine-themed DIY projects.  I remember getting ridiculously excited back in grade school when it was time for the annual shoe box Valentine card holder contest.  I'd plan out my shoe box for weeks, then spend several days after school meticulously pasting pink tissue paper, doilies, red hearts, and pink bows to it until I felt fully confident in deeming it the perfect Valentine card holder. 

I have a lot going on this year, so I'm not sure whether I'll have time to get crazy with the V-day crafts, but that hasn't stopped me from searching for project ideas.  So for this edition of '10 Great,' I decided to share ten of my favorite Valentine's Day DIYs you guys. 

Are you pro or anti Valentine's Day?  And if you're a fan, have you made (or will you make) anything V-day themed this year?

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  1. These are fun ideas and your printables are so cute!
    Love the dice with the gold hearts! We don't actually celebrate the day, but I love the crafting part :)

  2. What a great post, in fact, I was considering doing something similar over at my blog! ;) And this year, I'm SO excited for Valentines, can't wait to decorate and celebrate. Hope you guys get to make it special for yourselves + you can pour all that love on Essley!! xoxo

    By The Shore, a life + style blog

  3. Valentine's Day as a kiddo is the best! All of these DIY crafts look great. I like the heart dice. The printable pencil valentine is really cool too.

  4. These are all so cute!!!! I love that they're not traditional red doilies and stuff. :-) I love Valentine's Day!!

  5. We're not big into celebrating either. Last year was probably the biggest year and all we did was go out to :)
    I do have a little DIY planned for the blog, but that's about it.
    I do miss those fancy boxes we used to make for school though!

    Love the LOVE ombre yarn letters!

  6. These are all super fun! Looking forward to getting crafty for Valentine's Day!

  7. #3, #4 and #9!!! I loveeee them. I am SO pro Valentine's Day! I can't find a thing wrong with celebrating love, and all sorts of love. I'm such a bad craftster, especially DIYs... But you never know, I may try something. :P

  8. i love those wrapped letters, might have to make some regardless!

  9. Thanks for your comments everybody! Have fun crafting. :)


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