Monday, February 3, 2014

Get Real Baby: The Not-So-Pretty Pictures

I was blown away by the amount of emails I received after my 'Baby Essley: The First Month' post, mostly from other new moms thanking me for sharing pieces of the not-so-pretty side of having a newborn.  I was actually a little nervous to publish that post, because I truly am grateful for every second I have with my little girl, and I didn't want it to come off as whiny or complaining when I opened up about the difficult parts of this new chapter in my life.  Once I read your emails and comments on the post though, I was really glad I went ahead with it. 

In the spirit of sharing the not-so-pretty side of new motherhood, I decided to post some 'outtakes' of my dear little Essley.  Some of these are just quick phone shots I've snapped when she's been in less-than-stellar moods.  Some are the unsuccessful result of us trying to capture a cute, happy baby on camera, like for the weekly shots we take of her to share with family and friends.  I can guarantee that for every good shot we get, there are a dozen more where she is kicking, crying, burping, pooping, or making especially odd facial expressions.  We all see so many pretty, smiley, perfectly edited pictures of babies and kids on blogs and our social media feeds, but in reality, there are probably a lot more slightly less adorable pictures hiding on those mom's and dad's camera rolls.  And here, my friends, are some of mine.  I hope you enjoy this visual glimpse into my real life with a newborn.

Do any of you who are parents have a camera roll full of crying, burping, pooping babies/kids?  Or maybe similarly not-so-pretty pictures of your pets/fur babies (I certainly had my fair share of those with Bubby dog!)?  Post links if you've shared any of them online.  I'd love to see.

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  1. LOL...These are great. I love how this one captures her eyes though:
    You're right, capturing pets is just as hard as babies/kids! Harley never wants to smile for me :)

  2. Hahahaha. I don't have my own kids, but my nephews NEVER want to cooperate when somebody busts out a camera. Even the younger one, who I saw recently, had already decided that cameras were lame and would just look the other direction. Bah!

  3. Hahahah ooohhh now I wish I had come up with this post for my own blog lol!!! I have sooo many over three years with my little one hahah

  4. Actually, Melissa, I think these pics are pretty cute...and funny :) Picture #5 put a huge smile on my face!
    Hope you continue to enjoy this very special time with Essley!

  5. HA! I love this. I had a very difficult newborn so I have a lot of these pictures too. Thanks for sharing and being honest.

    [email protected]

  6. Lol these are so funny!!! She still looks so cute though!! You're right everyone does just post the happy pictures so this is awesr because it's real life!! :-)

  7. Great post, I actually thinks she looks very cute and the fifth photo! And I love the racoon onesie :-)

  8. These are so funny and cute! You should post these monthly. =) Brightened up my day!

    1. Maybe I'll start doing once a month "crying Essley" posts. :)

  9. Ahhhh I love this little nugget! Can't wait to squeeze her!

  10. Thanks for your comments everybody! Glad you like the Essley out takes. ;) xo, m

  11. I love this post! Now when she's older...If she sees this, you know you'll be hearing about it, right? =0)
    I have tons of photos that are not-so-great and capture the not-so-pretty, but they're still memories, none the less. And very fun to look at. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Such a good post and sooo much truth :)


  13. she's so perfect. in every single way!


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