Friday, January 17, 2014

My Style // A Year of Outfits

A Year of Outfits // Bubby and Bean
1. 'Rainy Day Uniform' (January)  //  2. 'I've Got the Blues' (February)  //  3. 'Summer Dreaming' (April) // 4. 'Everyday Effortless' (April)  //  5. 'Hello Blossom' (May)  //  6. 'Girls in White Dresses' (June)  // 7. 'Minnetonka Blogger Spotlight' (June)  //  8. 'Patterns and Pops' (June) //  9. 'Two Miles High' (August)  //  10. 'Early Autumn Layers' (September)  //  11. 'Schoolhouse Rock' (October)  //  12. 'Lost Dresses + Cozy Feet' (November)

Tomorrow will officially mark three weeks since Essley was born.  And although I'm still living mainly in oversized tops and leggings (often accessorized with spit-up), it's been nice to go through my closet and finally be able to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes for the first time since late spring.  I gained a lot of weight while I was pregnant, so the majority of my wardrobe was pretty neglected for quite a while.  Thankfully, most of the weight ended up being water and was gone after about a week.  It will still be a while before I'm back in my skinny jeans though!  I'm looking forward to the weather warming up so I can get back to daily walking and outside yoga and shed the remainder of these baby pounds.  I'm so ready to be active again (and go shopping for a few new 'I'm not pregnant anymore!' outfits).

Because of the ridiculously cold winter we're having in the Chicago area, combined with the fact that right now a good day means running a brush through my hair and maybe splashing some water on my face, I'm not sure when I'll get back to doing regular outfit posts around here.  In the meantime, I thought I'd take a look back through some of my favorite looks from 2013, as seen above.  This isn't solely a personal style blog, but fashion is one of my life-long great loves.  And as dorky as I feel getting my picture taking for the blog (so, so awkward), sharing outfits with you guys is one of my favorite parts of Bubby and Bean.  If any of you with blogs have favorite outfit posts from 2013, please leave links in the comments.  I'd love to see them!

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  1. Hahahah I feel dorky getting my pic taken for my blog as well!! So instead, I used my toddler and created a Toddler LookBook, which turned out to be soooo cute! You can check it out here:

  2. I haven't tried outfit posts yet but I also consider fashion a life-long love, and I hope to try soon! Who takes your photos for you? Do you have any tips for beginners on outfit posts?

  3. I love numbers 4, 7, and 10!!! They're all so cute!!! I can't wait to see more in 2014. :-)

  4. This is a really fun post! It's great to look back and see the whole year like this in outfits. =0)

  5. I remember quite a few of these!! You have a great sense of style and what suits you! I use a tripod and release for some of my outfit posts :) Here's my fave of last year

    1. You look beautiful Duni! Love the mint and black combination. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Amazing looks, you have such an great sense of fashion!!

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Mary x

  7. How fun to see all the posts together :) I love the dresses in 6, 7 & 8.
    Happy 3 weeks to Essley!

  8. I love how you make casual look so chic!! =) I especially love your dresses in #7 & 8, such cute patterns. The pregnancy outfits are so cute too!

  9. I love the dress in the seventh photo, looking forward to seeing more outfits in the new year!

  10. They all look amazingly comfy and chic. Hope you and Essley are doing well!

  11. love these! the breastfeeding will melt the extra off! (a little too much sometimes, as i've learned!)
    remember: shoes are always fun to share and make any postpartum mama outfit come right together. x

  12. What a lovely round-up, Melissa - what I love about your style is that it gives such a complete and accurate picture of the person you are. Every outfit that you put together suits you perfectly, and I'm sure that's going to be the same post-pregnancy... although I'm sure we'll all understand if it takes you a while to get back into the swing of things :)
    PS: My round-up of favourite outfits from 2013 is here:

  13. Hi Melissa, I'm expecting #2 currently and happened upon your blog a few months ago when I was looking for some prenatal fashion inspiration. It's great; love your outfits! Didn't realize you were in the Chicago area - you should try FIT4MOM Chicago... AMAZING!

  14. I love allll of these, however #7 and #10?! SWOON. I love them x10!

  15. All of these outfits are too cute, but 3 and 8 are my favorite!


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