Thursday, August 7, 2014

Redefining Vanilla

Somehow, the term 'vanilla' has become synonymous with 'boring,' when it's anything but.  In fact, I'm of the opinion that vanilla makes everything more interesting.  I find vanilla ice cream to be infinitely more exciting than chocolate.  When it comes to coffee flavors, vanilla is queen.  Sit a cup of coffee in front of me in the morning, and you'll see me very slowly start to perk up.  Now make that coffee come alive by adding some vanilla, and I instantly come alive too.  Vanilla boasts a subtle flavor and aroma that is the perfect complement to the boldness of coffee.  It provides a sensorial experience.  It's somehow simultaneously calming and upbeat.  It's fun.  It's about time we redefine it, you guys.  It's time to take vanilla back.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that a lot of my joy in life has been fueled by spontaneous adventures and endless activity.  Experiences that I considered to be pretty thrilling - living all over the country, traveling the world, waking up in new cities, dancing until dawn - have been regular parts of my life.  And I have endless memories of truly amazing times.  But guess what excites me the most these days?  Me time.  Give me just a brief break, with no work deadlines in my face, no baby crying, no messy house in my view.  All I need is fifteen blissful minutes on my deck with a cup of coffee, a book, my flowers, and some sunshine, and I'm downright electrified.  A couple of years ago, I'm fairly confident that I would have found this exact same scenario to be pretty boring.  But like vanilla, my idea of excitement has been redefined.  This is what makes me feel vibrant and refreshed.  This is my vanilla moment.

Funny enough, when I do get the chance to enjoy my 'vanilla moment,' the flavor vanilla is often a part of it.  Before I go outside for my breather, I almost always brew a pot of coffee.  Then I take out my favorite mug, pour myself a cup, and add one of Coffee-mate's two distinctive and exceptional vanilla flavors: Classic and French.  The Classic Vanilla reminds me of childhood treats - lightly sweet, comforting, balanced and aromatic. The French Vanilla is deliciously creamy, rich, and smooth.  Both flavors give my exciting me time moments an added thrill. 

What about you? Are you a fan of Classic Vanilla?  Snap a photo of your own vanilla moment and share it with the hashtag #TakeBackVanilla (on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) for a chance to have your photo featured on Coffee-mate's social channels!

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  1. Preach it sista - I'm all over the me time!! I can't get enough. Also, Vanilla? Always my favourite!! xoxo

  2. The first photo made me smile, as I currently have my hair up in a top knot as well ;-)
    I use vanilla in baking very often!

  3. I love vanilla and I love me time. =)

  4. I have to agree that vanilla is the most underrated flavour. And I think that has a lot to do with vanilla extract, which is nothing like the real stuff. Real vanilla is the stuff that dreams are made of and can perk me up, coffee or not, any day, any time!

  5. Love your blue kimono here Melissa!

  6. Thanks for your comments you guys! Vanilla rocks.

  7. I love your little deck setup!

  8. Mmmm...I love their French Vanilla to make ice coffees! And I love that they make a fat free version too!

  9. We are vanilla peeps too. We have tried other brands and they are no good. Love coffee mate's vanilla. We used to drink the carmel years ago but its too sweet for us now.


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