Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Favorite (Warm Weather!) Toddler + Baby Girl Clothes

My Favorite (Warm Weather!) Toddler + Baby Girl Clothes // Bubby and Bean
1. Anais & I Striped Dorothy Overall , Hello Alyss  //  2. Organic Cotton Under the Sea Oslo Baby Dress, Bunny and Bird  //  3. Anthem of the Ants Patio Shell, Gandeez  //  4. My Mom is a Blogger Toddler Tee, Alexander and Sophie  //  5. Vierra Rose Josephine Drawstring Shorts in Chambray, Hello Alyss  //  6. Organic Cotton Yellow Bird Romper, Wild Dill  //  7. Billieblush Terry Dress, Hello Alyss  //  8. Vineyard Top, Cuteheads  //  9. Organic Cotton Wild Horses Halter Dress, Bunny and Bird  //  10. Pocket Skirt in Slate, Bunny and Bird  //  11. Organic Pom Dress, Land of Looms  //  12. Juniper Nappy Cover, Nui Organics  

When I was a baby and toddler, my mom made most of my clothing. And although a big reason for it was to save money (something important to me as well), more than anything it was because there just wasn't much out there in terms of stylish baby and little girl clothes back then. Oh how the times have changed my friends. There is an almost overwhelming amount of cute toddler clothing out there these days, and I'm not going to lie - clothes shopping for Essley is fun. Like, really fun. With summertime approaching and Essley now too big for the majority of her current warm weather duds, I've been virtual window shopping for some new outfits for her.

In the midst of my toddler shopping journey, I was introduced to a cool new site called 11 Main. It's a similar experience to shopping at your local main street destinations, but you don't even have to leave your house. (Like!) The best part of it, for me, is that it allows you to discover all sorts of unique products that you just can't find at mass merchants or large e-commerce sites. Each shop owner on the site is individually selected based on product quality and a commitment to superior customer service, and must be invited to be part of the 11 Main community. (Love!) And although I was drawn to their great selection of baby and toddler clothes, they also have adult clothing and accessories, home and outdoor goodies, art, crafts, toys, jewelry and watches, and more. Again, it's just like virtually shopping the main street boutiques of your town.

I found all sorts of late spring and summertime goodies for Essley, and I rounded up my favorites as seen above - along with some baby girl pieces that although too small for her, are just too good not to share. I'm especially eyeing #1 and #6. I'm also not sure I can resist #4 (ha!). Which are your favorites? If you have a little one, have you done any summertime clothes shopping yet?

This post is in partnership with 11 Main.



  1. I love that 'Your Mom is a Blogger' t-shirt is hilarious!

  2. These are all such beautiful finds! I love that little horse dress. Gonna get it for my niece! =)

  3. Love the dress with the super cool fish pattern, I can imagine it must be fun to go clothes shopping for Essley!

  4. You totally need number 4, haha! These are all adorable.

  5. omg LOVE number 4!!! #makesmesmile

    I also love the cute gray skirt (no. 10) and the shirt (no. 3).

    Great picks!

  6. 'blogger' T is awesome!
    Cute picks!


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