Monday, April 20, 2015

My Style // Pleasant Surprises

And after five months without an outfit post in sight, I bring you two in two weeks. What is even happening?! It's pure craziness, I know. The truth is that the delightfully warm weather and incredible scenery on our recent trip to Arizona made shooting easy, and I also got to wear pieces from my summer wardrobe, which is by far and away my favorite season for clothes. I do plan to bring back outfit posts about once a month as the weather continues to improve here in Chicagoland, but this two-outfits-in-two-week madness is a rarity that really only happened because of vacation.

Another reason for sharing this particular outfit (which is admittedly a pretty simple and straightforward day-to-day type of look and nothing all that exciting) is that I absolutely adore this dress and have worn it incessantly since I got it back in early March. It was an inexpensive, quick purchase that I got with a gift card while looking for some new duds to wear on our trip, and I didn't expect to like it so much. I have a thing for dresses that are on the shorter side with 3/4 sleeves, and I liked the boho vibe of the pattern, so I didn't even try it on in the store. But once I got it home, I was smitten. I wore it several times while we were in Scottsdale, and I've worn it with leggings quite a few times at home as well. It was a pleasant surprise type of piece - one of those articles of clothing that you aren't so sure of when you buy it thats ends up being one of your all-time favorites.

The rest of the look is pretty predictable for me: moccasins, round sunglasses, a leather bracelet, my trusty solar eco-watch, some handmade earrings, my favorite turquoise ring, and a floppy hat (which I'm just now realizing that I somehow ended up holding like a prop more than actually wearing in these photos). I'm not the most innovative dresser in that you don't see me taking major fashion risks outside of what I consider to be 'my style,' but I do know what I like. And this is an outfit that will undoubtedly continue to be on rotation for me well into the early autumn months, I'm sure.

Dress: F21 (similar)  //  Moccasins: ℅ Minnetonka  //  Hat: Target  //  Leather Bracelet: ℅ Lisa Leonard  //   Watch: ℅ Watchco  //  Ring: old  //  Sunglasses: UO  

Do you have a favorite 'pleasant surprise' article of clothing - something that you grabbed off the rack with uncertainty but ended up loving and wearing often?



  1. That dress looks very comfortable and I like the pattern too! I remember several years ago I bought a pair of jeans without trying them on. They are my best fitting jeans to date :)

  2. That dress is so pretty! I love your sunglasses as well!


  3. You look so cute and summery! YES, I do have a pleasant surprise article of clothing. Several, actually, but the most recent one is the boyfriend t-shirts at Old Navy. They're flowy and comfortable, but still very flattering and cute enough to wear when I leave the house. (Because I hate it when comfy clothes just make me look like a blob.)

  4. The longer I have my blog, the less convinced I am that style blogging requires fashion risk taking - and the more I think it's just about knowing what you like, wearing it well and sharing. And if I'm right, your looks are always spot on :)

  5. That's a great dress. I see you put a link to a similar one, is that one sold out?

    1. I believe it is. :( I searched all over their website for it when I wrote this post, and it was nowhere to be found. When I bought it last month in my local store they only had a couple left. Feel free to email me ay bubbyandbean @ gmail and if I come across it I will let you know.

  6. I love you style so much, and you look gorgeous. That dress is definitely a pleasant surprise! =) I hope you keep posting outfits!

  7. Pretty dress, looks great on you, lovely pics!

  8. Great dress! And the scenic shots are absolutely picture perfect. Always love the moccs too. =0)

  9. Thanks so much for your comments everybody! xo


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