Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Motherly Love, In Photos

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Last Mother's Day was my first as a mama. (To a human anyway - I was Bubby dog's mom for almost 16 years too.) And although it has always been a significant day to me (because I have the best mom in the world), it was truly magical last year. I remember posting a few days before, and telling you guys how excited I was, as well as talking a little about my personal feelings on Mother's Day. I explained that to me, it's not a holiday focused on buying gifts or materialistic spoiling as much it is as a day to celebrate the incredibly beautiful relationship that exists between mothers and their children. Now that I've experienced a Mother's Day as a mom myself, I'm looking forward to this Sunday even more. I don't have any fancy plans - just a day with Robbie and Essley, hanging out, being together, and getting to really appreciate the bond that I have with my little girl. I can't wait.

Although we don't have any big plans for the day itself, one thing I would like to do this month, in celebration of Mother's Day, is to have some professional photos taken of our family. The bond between mothers and their children is so phenomenal that it's almost impossible to put into words - but I've found that, on some levels, it really can be tangibly captured through photographs. The images that I put into the collage above, which I've come across on Pinterest and over at Photographer Central, are some beautiful examples of this.

And speaking of Photographer Central, I was recently introduced to this great (and free!) online resource for researching and finding local professional photographers (and plan to use it myself for finding someone to take our photos). There's no registration, and you can browse high-res portfolios and reviews, save to your 'Favorites,' and from there, compare photographers, and contact them to schedule a session. You can also check out which photographers are offering special discounts (using their new 'Special Offers' feature) before you make your decision, which is great for those of us on a budget. If you're thinking of having Mother's Day photos or family photos taken soon, definitely give them a try.

Whether you are a mother (to a human or a fur baby), a child, or both, I hope that your Mother's Day is full of the kind of love that is radiated in these photographs.

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  1. Sweet mother/baby images!
    I think the one of you and Essley already looks highly professional :) Off to check out that site!

  2. Beautiful!!! Happy mothers day!!

  3. beautiful moments...
    Photography session with family sounds like an awesome idea!

  4. Ohhh these are so sweet! Thanks for telling us about this service too, it sounds awesome.

  5. Awww, these are sweet pictures. When you get your family shots taken, I hope you share them with us!


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