Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My Style // Subtle Specs + Piercing Patterns

Boho Style // Bubby and Bean

The other day was one of those weird weather ones where thick clouds blanket the sky and the breeze gives you chills, but it still feels warm enough to (possibly; I might just be crazy) break out the cut-off shorts and take a stroll. I wanted so badly for the sun to peek through for just a minute, and it never happened, so I powered through my goosebumps and enjoyed a little walk through the park with my favorite people.

I actually didn't plan on doing an outfit shoot this day - and the rose colored kimono was a last minute change from a black kimono that, to the eyes of most I'm sure, better matched the rest of the outfit. Funny enough though, I ended up really liking the pattern clash of the blush floral pattern against the black and white tribal print of my tank. Although I love bohemian-inspired pattern mixing in fashion, I tend to sit on the minimalist side of the boho spectrum, and to pair two such different styles/colors/prints in one look is a rarity for me. Like I said though, something about it worked for me. So maybe it's time to step out out of my style comfort zone and explore this a little more often.

 photo rose kimono_zpsdecrcndn.png

And speaking of out-of-the-orindary style choices for me, when it recently came time for me to retire my current (super scratched up; oops) glasses for a new pair, I ended up opting for something different than my usual choice. I tend to go for larger, darker, thicker frames, and this time, I instead went for a simpler, more classic style (the Derek Cardigan 7021 in olive from Coastal). They have a beautiful olive and brown marbled havana effect, and a super flattering shape that works for my square-ish face shape. I wear glasses for nearsightedness pretty much everyday, and these more subtle specs have ended up being really nice for daily wear. I've gotten lots of compliments on them too, which definitely doesn't suck. (And with this piercingly loud pattern mixing combo I had going on here, these looked much better than my old, much louder pair of glasses.)

Glasses: ℅ Coastal  //  Kimono: F21  //  Patterned Tank: Target (last season) //  Black Tank: Target  //  Shoes: ℅ Minnetonka  // Denim Cut-offs: H&M  //  Turquoise Necklace: from Tibetan Buddhist center where I used to live //  Long Necklace: ℅ Roots & Feathers  //  Earrings + Ring: ℅ Jade Stone Jewelry   

What are your thoughts on louder pattern pairings like this? If you're a glasses wear like me, what types of frames do prefer?



  1. I'm not normally a pattern mixer, either, and I tend to shy away from loud ones in general, but I bought a CRAZY (for me) blue leopard-ish print dress last week and I can't believe myself!

    Nearsightedness curses me, too, and I have thin frames on my glasses like yours. Mine are actually a subtle dark green, which makes them a little fun without being zany.

  2. I love this look on you. I think pattern mixing like this works because the colors are muted so the pieces complement each other instead of clashing. I need that kimono!

  3. Love the tribal tank! And your new glasses look great :)

  4. Print mixing or no print mixing, it really wouldn't have mattered, because that pink kimono is so utterly fabulous - it definitely deserved to be captured in outfit photos!

  5. I absolutely love all of the mixing going on here! You pull it off perfectly. Your glasses are really cute too. =)

  6. Come summer I wear bold colours and mix patterns all the time :) The glasses look great on you! I'm near-sighted and need to wear mine for work as well!

  7. That kimono! Swoon!

  8. Love the kimono--- and those gray mocs.

  9. super cute, love your little mocs!

  10. Sweet Outfit! I love the boots!


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