Thursday, July 30, 2015

Color Love // Dried Herb

1. T-Strap Mary Jane, Urban Outfitters  //  2. Napolia Crossbody, Free People  //  3. Long Sleeve Loose Blouse, SheIn  //  4. Botanical Green Statement Ring, Starlight Woods  //  5. Sew Psyched Nail Color, Essie  //  6. Carson Duffel Bag, J.Crew Factory  //  7. Beaded Multi-Cord Long Necklace, Nordstrom  //  8. Sleeveless Jumpsuit, H&M  //  9. Leather Style Fabric Hat, Zara  //  10. White and Olive Sunglasses, Elizabeth and James

I'm going to start this off right away by saying that I am in no way ready to admit that fall is (sort of) around the corner. I know that as a blogger, I'm supposed to be smitten with fall and its breezy air and layered scarves and pumpkin spice blah blah blah but that's just not my jam, folks. I'm a summer girl and I'm going to embrace every last day of this best of all seasons right up through September 22nd.

All of that said, my promise to live in the now of summertime doesn't stop me from the occasional look at fall trends. (I mean we're talking about trends - you have to look ahead, right?) And my peeks into these trends, of course, includes Pantone's seasonal color report. Technically I initially looked at this back in February when it first came out, but now that we're starting to see the colors in all of the stores, it's back on my mind. Although this season's report features colors that are a little too warm toned for my general liking, I love the overall earthy vibe of the scheme. In the late 90s, I couldn't get enough sage, and it's kind of cool to see it making a comeback with 'Desert Sage.' The blue-tinged grey of 'Stormy Weather' is also quite lovely - I think it would look killer paired with creams or whites. But it's 'Dried Herb,' a rich olive green tone (that's still muted but distinctly warmer and more vibrant than last season's cool-toned shade of olive called 'Cypress'), that really caught my eye. And for this edition of Color Love, I'm paying to tribute to it, as seen in the roundup collage above. The cross body bag (#2) is way out of my price range, but I'm still in love.  My wallet can handle that gorgeous flowy blouse (#3), and by the time you read this it may even be part of my closet.

What are your thoughts on Dried Herb? Any other shades you're particularly fond of for this fall?



  1. I won't lie - as soon as mid-July hits, I start to think about fall fashion. I can't help it. As much as I love the summer sun, the heat and the clothes just aren't for me. I don't pay much attention to Pantone colour reports because, frankly, I really only wear neutrals, but I do have a few pieces in my wardrobe in this shade, one of the few greens that I actually like (because most green shades really don't suit me.) I wear it green less and less, mind you, but I could definitely give that pretty nail polish a try!

  2. I'll always be a summer girl, but like you, I need to look ahead for professional reasons :) This shade is quite subtle and works like a neutral for me. I own pants and a Tshirt in this colour. Totally love the Mary Jane's and the jumpsuit!

  3. I love this shade of green. It goes with everything.

  4. I'm in love with this shade now. Green is my favorite color, all types of green! :)

  5. I love this shade and those sun glasses are spot on.

  6. u r so right....fall is just coming...time really flies by!
    I love this color!! I have a jacket of the same shade:)
    from here #2 & #3 are my favs:)


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