Thursday, October 22, 2015

An Alice In Wonderland Themed Photo Shoot

We actually featured an Alice in Wonderland themed shoot once before, but when photographer Jen Montgomery submitted this one, I couldn't refuse. I absolutely love the vibrant colors and lighting contrasts of the images, and the details are really quite incredible. I mean seriously, look at the clothing and the models' hair and makeup. Killer.

I was captivated by the story behind the shoot too, and asked Jen to tell me a little more about what inspired and motivated her. "Ever since childhood, Alice In Wonderland remains one of my favorite fantasy stories," Jen said. "When Kaitlyn McClain of KMK Designs approached me about photographing her lovely Alice In Wonderland themed clothing line, I was thrilled. We both agreed to put in the extra time and effort to make this conceptual series live up to the time-honored tale. Having worked together in the past, I knew I could count on her gorgeous vintage classic designs to blend with my whimsical style."

Jen went on to explain how demanding - and rewarding - the shoot was. "This indeed turned into one of my most intensive and creative editorial shoots to date; between the number of models, outfits and concepts to make the series flow. We knew we needed a large location to allow space for different scenes, so we chose a national park south of St. Paul, Minnesota. The models, designer and I hauled the tea party table, chairs and all of its decorations to a remote location and set up the scenes from there. A huge thanks goes out to everyone involved in this photo shoot, it was truly a team effort!"

I'm so impressed with the immaculate attention to detail, the whimsical staging, and Jen's stellar photography and editing skills. I looked at theses images over and over for a good hour when I first received them. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I have!

CREDITS: Photography by Jen Montgomery  //  Clothing by KMK Designs  //  Hats by The Blonde Swan  // Makeup by Holly Robin Spilker  // Hair by Rachel Reyna  //  Mushroom Design by JesFink Designs  //  Models: Kayley Johnson, Amanda Hecksel-Read, Crystal Welle, and Lilly Smith

You can find more of Jen's gorgeous work via her website, Facebook, and Instagram.



  1. The costumes are amazing! Of course I love all the vintage tea cups :)
    I can see how much work went into this shoot!

  2. These pictures are gorgeous! That first one gives me chills.

  3. These photos are incredible! I don't usually get too excited about themed photo shoots, given that many feel so costume-y and Halloween-ish, but this one is just perfect; the clothing, the setting and the models all capture the essence of Alice in Wonderland so beautifully.

  4. Very cool! I love the mirror shots. I can empathize with the photographer's decision to do an Alice themed photo shoot - I love Lewis Carroll! My Etsy shop name was inspired by one of his poems.

  5. Wow! These pictures are amazing! I love the costumes too, so cool!

  6. Those are some really awesome photo!

  7. It would be so much fun to do a photo shoot like this, plus the styling, and the cupcakes!!

  8. I'm a huge fan of Jen Montgomery Photography! She brings out the designers and models best, with her creative twist, imagination and photography skills! Outstanding photo shoot! Hats off to the designers and models! Great work!! Love it! - Marian

  9. These shots are amazing! I love the theme!


  10. These photoshoots are breath taking, so creative, unique, imaginative, beautiful,i can't stop scrolling down and up .. up and down .. beautiful work! Superior.


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