Friday, October 23, 2015

What I'm Wearing Now: October

Fall Maternity Essentials (via Bubby and Bean)
1. Long Knit Cardigan, H&M  //  2. Jersey Tunic Tee, H&M  //  3. Simple Cardi (gift; but this gorgeous cardigan is almost identical)  //  4. Black Ribbed Beanie, F21  //  5. Classic Sheffield Watch, Daniel Wellington //  6. Skinny Maternity Jeans, Oh Baby by Motherhood  // 7. Arrowstack Necklace (gift; love this similar piece from Madewell)  //  8. Cropped Denim Jacket (worn unbuttoned since bump won't allow for closed jackets these days), Mudd  //  9. Black Leggings, Target  // 10. Lolo Tote, Trask  //  11. Hi Top Back Zip Booties in Black, Minnetonka  //  12. Madison Boots, Trask  

I almost forgot to do this post this month you guys. I usually plan the blog's editorial calendar a few weeks in advance, and I was lying in bed the other night and realized that I didn't have a 'What I'm Wearing Now' scheduled for October. And because that's, like, a real problem and everything, I immediately got out of bed and went into my office so I could switch some posts around and pencil it in. At 2 AM. Clearly I have issues.

These posts are actually some of my favorites to do, and I always look forward to them, because it's fun for me to go back and compare what I've been wearing from past months and see how things have evolved (or, in many cases, especially during the second half of my pregnancy, stayed the same). I think that the main reason I forgot about this month is because I've done exactly what I said I would not do again after my last pregnancy, and that is resort to comfort over style to the point that I'm basically wearing some variation of the same tunic/legging/maternity jean combo every single day. And because I have no shame, I'll also tell you that often, I wear the exact same outfit (yes, I mean without washing it) for a good three days in a row.  I'm measuring a little bigger this time around, so although I just entered into my third trimester last week, I'm already to the point where comfort wins. I have admittedly developed what is a very intimate relationship with my grey jersey tunic-style tee and black leggings.

All of this said, I do still (at least to some degree) care about looking somewhat stylish despite the fact that nothing fits properly and I often look like I'm headed to a yoga class even when I'm headed out to a dinner. My solution for this has mainly been to dress up my look with jewelry, accessories, and lip gloss. I also picked up a calf-length printed cardigan/knit kimono last weekend that I absolutely adore and that has become key to dressing up my pregnancy uniform. I also love this one and think I may need to buy it as well, as my current one has already made an appearance more times than any one article of clothing should in one week.

The weather has finally turned cold here, which means that my beloved lightweight summer kimonos have been put away for the winter and replaced with cardigans, and leggings and maternity jeans have taken the place of cut-off denim shorts. Other than that, you may recognize many of the pieces here from the last couple of months as well.

In other news, this is the second week in a row I'm posting on a Friday, which also means two weeks of posts on every single weekday. Craziness, I know. We normally only do four posts a week, but as the holidays approach and busy blog season begins, you'll be seeing five or so posts most weeks from now on. Woot! And speaking of busy weeks coming to an end, I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and weekend! I'm taking the day off today to go to the hospital for a three hour glucose test (a regular pregnancy tradition if you fail the one hour screening, which I passed last time but failed by just a few points this time - major sad face). I almost passed out during the one hour test for which I didn't even have to fast, and this one will be a total of fifteen hours of fasting along with consuming what I hear is an even less tolerable sugar-filled beverage before I can eat, so it should be interesting. After that, because I feel sorry for myself, I'm going to devour a large amount of food, and then we're taking Essley to this seriously amazing play place about a half hour away that is filled with toddler goodness like ball pits and padded blocks and giant sized Legos and big slides. I'm stoked. See you Monday!



  1. I love the long cardigan in #1!!! Good luck with your test, my sister had to do that one too, booo.

  2. I'm glad you remembered about this post this month - although not that you remembered at 2 am, poor you! - because I always love reading them. That said, I really can't blame you for feeling particularly sartorially adventurous at this stage in your pregnancy. I probably would have given in to the desire to wear leggings far sooner!

  3. I always tend to think that accessories are what make an outfit, but I also tend to wear a lot of solid colors... my style is pretty similar to what you posted here... and I'm not even pregnant. I guess that means I choose comfort over style (and then throw in some accessories!) The play place sounds like fun even for grown ups! Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for stopping by my (quietly growing) blog!


  4. They're all so cute. Wish I could wear them here, but it's still in the upper 80s. Boo. Also, ummm, I am in perpetual (paint spattered) yoga attire, and I'm not even pregnant. You win.
    Good luck on your test! <3

  5. Oh I'm all about comfort! I'm looking for a new cardigan and that one looks cozy. :)

  6. Love it all and I'm not even pregnant!

  7. oh these are great! I've been feeling slightly lost with my pregnancy style and am swiftly running out of options. just ordered a pair of mum jeans from Zara and am hoping they work til the end cause I love my jeans-looks.

  8. oh and dang! about that post prandial! i do feel for you on that. xo


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