Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Beautiful Boho-Themed Mama + Daughter Shoot

I feel like it's been forever since I've shared photo shoots submitted by photographers here on the blog, and here with are with the second one in two weeks! I felt instantly connect to this one, not only because of the gorgeous images and styling, but because I can so relate to the connection between mother and little girl that is so elegantly portrayed through this photo story.

This shoot was actually a joint collaboration between photographer Katherine Stinnett and Meg McCord, the mama featured in the images, who planned and styled every aspect of the shoot herself. I asked both of them to tell me a little more about the inspiration and process behind the project. (My favorite part of getting their takes on the shoot was learning what big fans they are of each other's work!)

"The mother, Meg, planned and styled the entire shoot herself," Katherine explained. "Meg’s parents own a beautiful horse farm (McCord Farm) right at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Maryville, Tennessee. Meg gathered all of her daughter’s (Addy) favorite books, toys, and even a toy piano from when she herself was a child and styled it out in the field on their property. Meg made the flower crowns herself!"

Meg said, "Katie is an exceptional photographer. She has an amazing skill and is so easy to work with, and she truly knows how to make the experience comforting for everyone involved. I had been wanting to do a Mother/Daughter shoot for a while and had the idea and props gathered, and got so very lucky that Katie just happened to be in town for a couple weeks at the perfect time of year. Addy and I love everything outdoors. We love our horses and also spending time playing games and having tea parties. I really wanted the photos to capture our free-spiritedness, and Katie went above and beyond!"

Meg went on to share some more specific details of the shoot for me. "As I said, I'd wanted to do the shoot for a while. The 'boho' theme was just natural to who we are. I wanted to capture us in our element. The shoot was done at my family's farm and in the fields where I spent my childhood roaming - and now Addy is doing the same. All of the props are our personal belongings and family antiques (not a single thing was purchased). Again, I wanted the photos to capture our free-spiritedness and the love we have for each other in a candid way."

I'd say the mission was accomplished. Katherine did an incredible job of using lighting and varied angles to genuinely capture the bond between Meg and Addy, and Meg's styling and vision were spot on. I could look at these photos all day.

You can find more of photographer Katherine's on her website, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.



  1. What beautiful pictures! So sweet.

  2. Beautiful! I like the boho styling and what a scenic place for a shoot!

  3. The pictures of them embracing warm my heart! I love how unique this is.

  4. I bet these two had a wonderful time during this photo shoot! Memories in the making, captured forever!

  5. This is just too gorgeous for words!

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone! We are grateful to be able to
    share such a beautiful shoot.


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