Monday, November 2, 2015

Getting Ready for Baby (It's the Little Things)

In two months (give or take a few days), I will officially have a newborn baby boy. Weird. This pregnancy has gone by so much faster than my first you guys. I genuinely feel like I blinked and was in my third trimester. And while I'm admittedly a little stressed about how much I haven't done in comparison to last time around at this time, I'm starting to get really excited as things progressively feel more real.

In terms of goods for baby, we don't need much because we saved almost everything that Essley used - but it's still been fun to pick up a few pieces here and there that are special just for #2. Having some toys, blankets, and little boy clothes set aside has actually been a nice way to feel like we actually are getting ready for baby, even if bigger things (you know, like finding that house with another bedroom or figuring out how to schedule my work-from-home jobs with a newborn and toddler during the months of the road that my husband is on tour nonstop) don't seem to be getting accomplished. Best of all though is the fact that looking at the sweet little items we have for baby boy makes my heart swell, because it reminds me of the absolutely incredible thing that is about to happen in my life.

Some of my very favorite items we have for baby boy can be seen in the photos throughout this post, and all come from my friends over at Elegant Baby. You might remember when I shared Essley's love for their Princess Mousie Collection in a post about a month ago. Well I, too, fell in love with their products, and knew that I wanted to get a few of their goodies for #2 as well. I cannot wait to dress him in this super soft, ridiculously adorable Cable Knit Jumpsuit and matching Cable Knit Aviator Hat. (I mean seriously, can you picture the cuteness?) This beautiful Cotton Knit Blanket is coming to the hospital with us so we can wrap him up in it right away. And I know he'll just love this sweet Plush Duckie Toy that his sister may or may not have already tried to make her own.

In case you missed my gushing in last month's post, I have to reiterate the fact that Elegant Baby's products are top notch. In a day where kids' toys and accessories are often so mass produced that they fall apart within months, EB's goods are both beautiful and well made (with all sorts of attention to detail). It's a great feeling to have pieces like these for my little ones that I know will become some of their most treasured possessions over the years.  (P.S. They're also offering $25 off orders of $200 or more now through November 13th with the code SHOPEB, along with their ongoing free shipping on orders over $50.)

Anyone else have a second (or third, or fourth, etc.) baby on the way and feeling like it's the little things that are making you feel excited this time around?

This post is in collaboration with Elegant Baby.  



  1. That baby boy outfit is very cute! And what a fun duck :)
    I love how everything is colour coordinated!

  2. How exciting! :)
    The tiny blue outfit is adorable. Good luck with everything x

  3. Oh my goodness, you are so right about kids toys falling apart in a few months!! Its so frustrating because everything is so cheap and seems like a great idea... then you just have a ton of junk laying around! And my daughter always catches me when I try to clear out any of her toys!

  4. That little sweater onesie is adorable! I think the little things are for sure more important the second time around. :)

  5. That duck toy is so cute, I have to get it for my nephew! I think it's great that you're focusing on the little things.

  6. Oh the cuteness of this little things!! Loving your dark makeup look too xx

  7. aww those baby clothes are so cute!! Beautiful photos. I've only just had my first so I can't answer that question! :P

    Melanie | melanie.sylvia

  8. His little outfit looks so warm and soft!

  9. Thanks so much for your comments everybody! Getting excited.


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