Monday, November 9, 2015

Let's Talk Housework (+ Why Cordless Makes Me Happy)

Yes, I am writing about a vacuum cleaner today. Really though, I'm writing about a much bigger picture, friends. I'm getting real about things like housework (and how I'm not good at it, like at all), daily life as a messy work-at-home mom to a messy toddler (with another on the way very shortly), and how it's the little things (like not having to deal with cords) that genuinely make me happy. Read on to see exactly what I mean.

When I share pieces of my life here on the blog or over on my Instagram account, you see a nice, neat, tiny piece. Behind those curated shots is a much sloppier, more chaotic reality that involves things like work supplies scattered throughout my house, a living room that looks like a giant toy box, and perpetually spilled cereal and other toddler snacks covering the kitchen floor. I am a messy, disorganized person by nature, and adding a small child to the mix has done nothing to improve that particular situation.

To make matters worse, I genuinely despise housework. I realize that most human beings are on the same page as me with this one (except perhaps for my mother, who actually likes cleaning, but unfortunately has not yet accepted my open ended offer for her to come over and clean my house whenever she'd like), but I dislike it to the point that will do just about whatever it takes to put it off. This has only worsened in this last trimester of my pregnancy, when things like bending down to pick up toys and lugging around a heavy vacuum cleaner feel like pure torture. Don't get me wrong - I love a nice, clean home. There is nothing better than being able to relax in a tidy environment free from disarray. It's just the process of getting there that creates a major challenge for me.

Unfortunately for me, if I want to enjoy a clean house, then I have to, well, clean. So I'm constantly on the look out for supplies and devices that can make the act more bearable. Recently, I discovered something that has truly made the clean up process feel like less of a chore - the Hoover Air Cordless Lift Vacuum. This thing and I were meant for each other. As soon as I heard the word "cordless" I was in, especially after years of constantly having to move a heavy vacuum from room to room to plug it into different outlets every time my daughter spilled food or tracked in dirt. Once you have the freedom to move around without plugging and unplugging, winding and rewinding, or tripping, tugging or tangling, you'll never go back. For real. I can also go from the deep cleaning power of an upright vacuum to the portability of a canister in seconds. And with two extended runtime batteries with an average of 50 minutes of fade-free battery power (!!!) on carpet and hard floors, there's no need for constant recharging during a cleaning spree. All of this, especially the fact that the vacuum is cordless, makes me happy you guys. Really, it does. It's this messy lady's own little piece of housework bliss. (Oh, and my husband loves to use this vacuum too. Major bonus.)

Hoover actually has an entire line of cordless cleaners, which features three vacuums and a hard floor wet cleaners. Only the cordless line is powered by an interchangeable battery system that works with all products in the Hoover cordless line. They also featured LithiumLife batteries that have double the capacity of their standard 18-volt lithium Ion batteries (which means longer runtime and fade-free power). And their windtunnel 3 technology provides powerful suction to lift and remove dirt. And their multiple products - all with an interchangeable battery - provide versatility to tackle a variety of messes with just the right tool for the job, whether it's the whole house or picking up a quick mess.

As you know, I very rarely do reviews here. Occasionally though, if I really, really love a product, I will share my experience with you guys. This is one of those products. If you're in the market for a vacuum that has a modern, sleek design (a big deal to my fellow design nerds) and is super productive without a cord (major, major plus), then go get yourself a Hoover Air Lift. Trust me on this. It's the best.

Who else is a messy-by-nature housework hates like I am? What are your favorite devices or supplies for making the cleaning process quicker and easier?

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  1. Oh, I would love a cordless vacuum cleaner, I always seem to end up having a fight with the stupid thing!

  2. I hear you on the cordless vacuum! Last year I finally invested in one and it came with this interchangeable gadget specially for vacuuming cat hair on soft furnishings and carpets. I love it :)

  3. Oh yes I am the same way, I hate housework but I love a clean house. This vacuum sounds awesome.

  4. I like when you do reviews because there aren't a ton of them so I feel like they're genuine and I've actually purchased stuff before based on your opinion! I would love a cordless vacuum!

  5. Thanks so much fit your comments you guys. Three cheers for making housework easier!

  6. I love hoovers cordless cleaners. I have one at home. it was my birthday gift from my mom....yes, I know. It was awful gift but a great cleaner. Thank you for sharing this article! Keep posting!


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