Friday, November 6, 2015

Links I Love, Right Now

I haven't done a Links I Love post since the beginning of July, so I guess it's been a while, huh? I first did one of these posts out of a sort of spontaneous desire to bring back a piece of the now long defunct Friday is for Favorites series, but with the intention that I'd only post them at the end of a week when there genuinely happened to be a lot of links I loved. Well, there have been many weeks full of cool links since then, but compiling them into a post just hasn't been at the top of the blog priority list. This week though, I'm in the mood to share. So here's some sharing, guys, and some links I love right now:

There is little I enjoy more in the mornings than a piece of really great bread toasted and topped with smeared avocado. These 5 avocado toast recipes (as seen in the image above) have me drooling, for real.

As if Jon Stewart wasn't completely awesome already, now his 12 acre farm has been turned into a safe haven for abused animals.

I'll be missing out on my annual New Year's Eve/Birthday trip to see Robbie's band play this year (for good reason: I'll be going into labor any day, preferably after he gets back home, please). But I will still be there and wearing this tunic/dress in my dreams.

I know, I know, it's too soon, but I love (I mean love) these wire Christmas ornaments.

The only time I'm ever on a train is to utilize our Metra and L systems for public transportation/practical reasons, but rail travel has been making a comeback, and it would be fun to actually go somewhere by train one of these days. If that happened, I'd love to end up in one of these 9 train stations with unforgettable architecture.

A great list of all-natural products for my fellow pregnant ladies.

I wasn't allowed to have Barbies growing up, and I'm not too big on them for Essley either, for many reasons. But this Barbie ad that cleverly shatters gender stereotypes (and focuses on more than makeup, clothing, and those odd shaped feet that can only wear heels) might just be softening my stance a little bit.

I love this article on magic words to say when everything is going wrong. (Hint: They are not "everything happens for a reason.")

These organic wool leg warmers look like a comfy wintertime dream.

This isn't exactly a new link I came across this week, but I'm sharing it anyway because I've been burning my Cabin candle nonstop the last few days so it's on my mind. If you haven't visited my pal Savannah's new project, Lindbergh Candle Company, yet, you have to pay their website a visit, stat. Although almost everything is sold out right now (because they're that good), the site will soon be restocked. Don't miss out. Trust me on this.

100 years of men's (yes, men's) beauty trends in just over a minute. My hippie roots are kind of partial to the 70s look…

From "Bookstrap" to "Burrito," a history of the school backpack.

Last year we went to a big Friendsgiving celebration at our pal's downtown apartment and it was so much fun. We've all been talking about doing something similar this year, and if it happens, I am so baking these cookies to bring.

33 simple ways to fall back in love with your life. #4 has made genuinely increased the quality of my life over the past few years.

Have you come across any particularly awesome links this week? What are your plans for the weekend? The band's fall tour has come to an end and Robbie is officially home for the rest of November. Woohoo! This is my favorite time of year, because it's the only time (November and December) that we have nice big chunks of time together as a family instead of just a few days at a time. And let's be real here - at 7+ months pregnant, it's also really nice to have consistent help with Essley and stuff around the house, especially during the season where I am by far the busiest with work projects. After all of us being out of town in different places last weekend, I'm looking forward to mellow weekend together close to home. Maybe we'll get crazy and hit up IKEA. Life in the 'burbs, guys. See you Monday!



  1. Now I just have to have an avocado toast with strawberries :)
    I did not know who Jon Stewart was until I read the article. I support an animal sanctuary over here that was also started by one man and has grown to three sanctuaries so far!

  2. I don't think I've ever known anyone who wasn't allowed to have Barbies! I get it, though--they don't exactly instill realistic body expectations.

    Isn't Jon Stewart the greatest? I love him.

    1. Well I lived on a hippie commune as a baby if that tells you anything. I was so mad at my mom about it as a kid but now I totally get it. I'm all about letting your kids explore different toys - I just wish they made Barbies more diverse.

  3. Oh the ways to fall back in love with your life is so perfect and totally what I needed.

  4. I always wanted to visit Naples, and now the trainstation is another reason I want to go. I've been to Berlin, Antwerp, and Madrid. The trainstation in Madrid is very impressive!

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone! Enjoy your weekend!


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