Thursday, November 5, 2015

Moving Inspiration: Home Office + Studio Spaces

Office/Studio Spaces from Top: 1. found on Pinterest (anyone know original source?)  //  2. Smart Furniture  //  3. Coco Lapine Design  //  4. Ashlee McClung  //  5. found on Pinterest (anyone know original source?)  //  6. Stadshem  //  7.  House of C  //  8. Sarah Sherman Samuel  //  9. My Scandinavian Home  //  10. Grupa

It's time for another post in our Moving Inspiration series, and guess what? We finally found a place that we liked, in an area we liked, in our budget! Wooot! Unfortunately, someone made an offer on it before we could (it sold in three days of being on the market) which was a definite bummer - but it did give me hope that there is something out there for us. I've also come to the realization that finding a place and moving before baby is born (two months away) may not be totally realistic, so I'm trying to accept the fact that this may take a while and be okay with it. Robbie's busy season with the band is from mid January until the end of April (meaning he won't be home much to help move), so between that and taking care of a newborn, the reality is that if we don't find something in the next month or so, we'll probably have to wait until spring. And if that's how it's got to be, then that's how it's got to be. Baby boy won't even be sleeping out of our room until six months (that's how old Essley was anyway, and the kid still ends up in our bed every night). I'm also told that in the Chicago area (freeeeeezing winters), there are a lot more houses available in the spring anyway. So yes, I'm admittedly listing off what may be excuses to make myself feel better about the fact that we haven't found anything yet, but I'm doing it with a smile on my face. Or at least not a visible scowl.

Now that that ramble is over, let's focus on this edition's inspiration: home office/studio spaces. So far I've shared some of my favorite bathrooms and kitchens, and because I probably spend more collective time in my home office (which is currently split between our loft area and a corner of Essley's room) than anywhere else in our place, it seemed like the logical next choice. We are looking for a three bedroom house to buy, so unless a four bedroom pops up that's also in our price range (which hasn't happened yet), I'll have to get creative about where I work. But I had to do that in our current place too and it's worked out fine. Ideally I'd love a finished basement or a small den that I can convert into something cool, but a just corner of another room can still be effective (and beautiful).

These office and studios spaces have similar aesthetics to both the kitchens and bathrooms I shared - mainly minimalist, modern, and clean with a touch of the occasional bohemian. I feel like I'm most inspired in spaces that don't have a lot of excess clutter and that feel nice and bright - even if they lack natural light. I think #6 is my favorite, but since I'll likely be working with just a piece of a room rather than I whole one, I'd say #2 (I love that blue wall hanging, like, so much) is my current office space muse.

Do you work out of a home office or studio? What type of design do you prefer for your work area?



  1. I love all of these so much!!! I work in a cubicle lol but I would do anything for an office like this!! :-)

  2. Oh man, you found the perfect place and then missed it - that's the worst. But sadly, also the reality of the real estate market. We've been dealing with our own home sale frustrations (three offers have now fallen through for a variety of increasingly ridiculous reasons) so I know where you're coming from. I'm really looking forward to eventually being in a new space and when I am, a much better office is in order. I currently work on the tiniest desk imaginable and seeing all of these beautiful long tables is great inspiration for my eventual office space.

  3. Elizabeth FloerschNovember 05, 2015 9:51 AM

    Yay, Mel! Not only are we expecting #2 (just found out it's a GIRL!) we're moving to... ALASKA! Joe got a permanent position with a fire dept there, so this. is. huge. Your moving inspiration post is just what I needed - I have zero energy these days, chasing around a 2 year old while growing his baby sister, plus working from home FT, PLUS packing to move to the Great Big North... but we do it because life & love are the greatest adventures, right?? Good luck to you & Robbie!! All the love in the world, from our family to yours. xoxoxox

    1. Alaska! Wow! That is awesome! So happy for you on both that and the little lady on the way. xoxo

  4. I'm sorry about the house, but perhaps that means you're destined for an even better one!
    I have a few of those office spaces on my Pinterest board too :) My fave is #6 !

  5. This post inspired me to write a post of my own, so thank you because i was having a bit of writers block this week. :)

    We are thinking about moving next year too, and I can't stop dreaming about what I want my new spaces to be like... definitely going for more space to work, myself.

    I love all the work spaces you shared. Love that clean white, airy, simplicity... that's also organized too. Love it.

  6. I feel like unless you have a ton of money or don't care where you live finding a house takes forever. It did for us and I still feel like we settled because I was so tired of looking. I love all these rooms with all the white!

  7. It's true, there will be a giant influx of homes for sale in the spring. :-D

    As terrible as this is, my office is the least put together space in the house, aside from the "nothing room" that we're scrambling to make into an official guest room before my mom comes to stay in a couple of weeks. I got the office furniture, and then stopped. UGH. I really need to finish making it pretty because I'm in there all day...


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